Is Moana 2 Coming in 2022?

Updated on 28 January 2022.

Are you in love with the Disney Character Moana, which is an animated film which premiered in 2016 and 2017 on the digital platform.

This 2016 movie received positive response for its music and movement from the side of the audience and it collects over $600 million from the original Moana film.

This 3D movie is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker and they had done an incredible job by making this movie and it was an exciting adventurous movie and I love Moana so much.

This movie is so much popular and it resides in the hearts of fans that talks about the new parts is going on and all are expecting to see a good news on part 2 or Moana 2.

Let's not waste more time and discuss Moana 2. We are going to jump on the release date which is your favorite part.

Moana 2: Release Date

moana 2

Moana is the 3D American movie which came on November 23rd 2016 and after that it receives a positive response from the fans and the critics for its music.

This film is also nominated for the various awards and also won the best animated feature nomination in Academy Awards 2017.

But there is no confirmation and no official news came out for the new Moana film.

In 2017, movie also came out on Blue-ray and DVD by Walt Disney.

There is enough gap for the sequel to come out at this time of 2021 and 2022 but only little things came out and also there is rumours on the Internet about Moana 2.

We can’t say whether these rumours are true or not that Moana 2 will come in November 2021 or 2022. So, wait until the official confirmation and renewal of the Moana 2.

Season Name Moana 2
Genre Animated Movie
Release Date Pending
Director Ron Clements
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime
Lead Role Auliʻi Cravalho

Moana 2: Renewal Status

Due to Coronavirus situation becomes worst but current situation is better and all are coming out from this one and even the entertainment industry is also coping up with this situation.

But don’t leave hope for the new Moana Season to hit in the market.

Who Are the Coming Members for the Moana Season 2?

moana 2

There is nothing official who are coming back for the Moana Season 2 But we will expect that these same cast will come back

  • Dwayne Johnson as Maui
  • Chris Jackson as Tui’s singing voice
  • Rachel House as Tala
  • Auli’I Cravalho as Moana
  • Louise Bush as Toddler Moana
  • Oscar Kightley as a fisherman
  • Temuera Marrison as Tui
  • Nicole Scherzinger as Sina

What Is the Storyline of Moana and the Expected Plot?

moana 2

The Story revolves around the little teenager girl Moana who is brave and ready to go on a mission to rescue her people and she mets Maui who is also cute and funny and helps Moana to become a pathfinder and you can called it powerful god.

They together went on the journey in an open sea and they face many obstacles like giants, monsters and some dangerous things on their way.

I think Moana 2 will focus on the returning of her as the legendary Pathfinder.

So it is expected that the movie will start coming from the climax of first one and it will be lovable to see the arrival of Maui.

So wait patiently for the upcoming adventure to come on Disney again.

Is There Any Trailer for Moana Season 2?

There is no teasers, no trailers and posters for the upcoming Moana 2 and also it is not confirmed that the movie is renewed.

We will update you when any new update comes on the Internet and we also update this section.

Where to watch the Moana original movie?

You can stream your favourite movie Moana on the given platforms-

Last Lines

At this time nothing official is announced about the Moana second film so keep watching Moana original film and read more blogs on keeperfacts.

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