Is Francesca Farago Still Dating Tiktok Celebrity Jesse Sullivan?

Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle returns to Netflix for yet another reality dating program with the new series Perfect Match, which invites reality stars from other Netflix shows such as Love is Blind, The Ultimatum and more to find their “perfect match.”

However, some fans were naturally perplexed when they saw advertisements and promotional materials featuring Francesca as a member of the Perfect Match cast, given her very public connection with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan.

The couple has been dating for almost a year and has a large number of admirers pulling for them (who wouldn’t? Why is Francesca on a dating program when it is evident from her social media that she is taken?

Are Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan in a Relationship?

Yes, Francesca and Jesse are still together strongly. Perfect Match appears to have been filmed in early 2022, prior to the couple’s relationship.

Francesca told Elite Daily that the couple “fell in love instantly” after meeting at a Pride month event. Since then, Francesca and her boyfriend have been practically inseparable, and a recent TikTok post suggests that they may be planning to elope in the near future. Francesca has implied that the couple is engaged or on the verge of becoming engaged.


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Yet if you look at some of the comments on Francesca’s latest TikTok videos, you’ll notice that her admirers are confused about the Perfect Match timeline, asking whether she and Jesse were together during the program.

Who is Sullivan Jesse?

Jesse Sullivan is a transgender guy 33 years old and a social media influencer. Sullivan has over 2.8 million followers on TikTok and is most recognized for sharing his transitioning journey via social media.

In addition, he has revealed his story since becoming a dad as a teenager. Along with his ex-partner Teela, he has a fourteen-year-old son named Arlo. The model and her hubby are both committed LGBT community members. Jesse came out in order to support other transgender individuals.

Sullivan is currently raving about Francesca Farago, his new lover and future bride. Jesse demonstrated in a recent TikTok video how he asked Farago to be his Valentine. In the clip, he also disclosed that he was preparing to propose to Francesca and had even designed her engagement ring.

Jesse Sullivan Describes Francesca Farago as His “Perfect Match”

Francesca actually posted a TikTok video explaining the situation in detail, stating that she filmed the show and that it sometimes takes a bit between taping and airing.

She was unmarried during production and did not date Jesse on the program, but they have been together for a long time now, and she is pleased with the development and relationships she built on the show.

Is Francesca Farago Still Dating Tiktok Celebrity Jesse Sullivan?

Francesca also compared her Perfect Match experience to her first Netflix dating program, Too Hot to Handle, saying that she left Perfect Match with some fantastic friendships that she did not have on Too Hot to Handle.

This is supported by her recent Instagram Story, which depicts her hanging out with co-stars Dom Gabriel and Kariselle Snow from Perfect Match.

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Jesse appears very confident in their relationship and encourages of Francesca’s participation in the dating program. In a recent cheeky Instagram post, he referred to Francesca as his “perfect match.” Jesse and Francesca are still together, to put it briefly. We’ll have to watch the episode to discover how all roads lead to Jesse!