The Flashdance and Fame Star’s Irene Cara Cause of Death Explained


Irene Cara, renowned for the soundtrack hit “Flashdance… What a Feeling” and “Fame,” passed away at the age of 63. Publicist Judith A. Moose confirmed the death of a Grammy and Oscar-winning performer, although the cause of death was listed as “unknown.”

Although the specific date of her passing has not yet been disclosed, it is believed that Irene Cara passed away at her Florida property. Moose has sought privacy for her family in the statement since Irene's passing has left them inconsolable.


She added that the funeral services were forthcoming and that a memorial for the fans alone will be held in the following days. She also requested that the readers share any memories and ideas they have of Irene so that her soul may smile above the clouds.

Immediately after the disclosure, social media was flooded with tributes. Holly Robinson Peete, a singer, and actress was among the mourners. She reminisced about Irene and her performance, describing her as an incomprehensible blend of ability and beauty.

The Flashdance and Fame Star’s Irene Cara Cause of Death Explained


Deborah Cox, a Canadian singer and record producer, cited Irene as a source of inspiration for her, adding that Irene should have featured in films and created a hit television show in addition to having hit recordings.

Irene has placed three singles on the Billboard Hot 100 over her successful career, including “Flashdance… What a Feeling,” “Fame,” and “Breakdance.” She was also regarded for creating the most upbeat pop songs of the 1980s, including “Why Me” and “Out Here On My Own.”

Irene, who was born in New York City in 1959, worked in theatres and on television before obtaining a part in the 1976 musical drama Sparkle.

Along with Paul McCrane, Debbie Allen, and Anne Meara, she portrayed a high school student involved in the arts in Alan Parker's film famous. Irene portrayed the iconic dancer Coco Hernandez, who survived a naked photoshoot, in the film Coco Hernandez.

She had a great line in the movie stating that a person's ultimate success depends on how well he does on earth and what he gives.

“(Irene's) music and talent will endure forever,” tweeted Allen on Saturday. “Her legacy will endure forever,” she continued. Allen also described Irene as “a gorgeous and talented genius.”

The American singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz posted a short homage to Irene on Twitter, stating that she had influenced her more than she had anticipated. Irene's “songwriting and singing” generated an inexhaustible sort of pure energy.

In fact, she defined an era contemporaneous with Kravitz. Stephanie Mills, who co-starred with Irene in the 1968 film “Maggie Flynn,” was on the list of mourners. Mills and Irene had worked together. She referred to Irene as a “kind lady” with extraordinary ability


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Irene was a part of the chorus for Remember My Name, and she was also responsible for the song being nominated for an Academy Award for best original song. Her discography features songs such as “I Sing the Body Electric,” “Out Here on My Own,” and “Hot Lunch Jam.”

Approximately three years after she tasted success with ‘Fame,' her Flashdance crew, including Keith Forsey and Giorgio Moroder, was spotted receiving the prestigious Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Irene offered a speech on the momentous occasion in which she thanked Alan Parker, whom she described as a “very remarkable gentleman” for his unwavering support. She began her address by stating that words were inadequate to express her thanks. Anyone in the audience may have predicted what she was going through based on her impassioned remarks.

Irene traveled in the mid-1990s as Mary Magdalene in “Jesus Christ Superstar” and Flashdance in 2012. Her career began with small roles in short-lived television programs. Nonetheless, the musical titled “The Me Nobody Knows” reached new heights by performing over 300 times in total.