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interviews with monster girls season 2

I think you are a fan of Interviews with Monster Girls, right? And you just wanted to know whether its second part is confirmed or not? Season 1 of this amazing anime was great. People loved this show and want to know more about the story. This admiration and love was the reason that the producer thought of bringing these cute shows back for the audience. 

Despite the cute and childish nature of the show which initially believes to attract only the children, was wrong. The show attracts the people of all the groups and nobody gets really bored here. Season 1 was already finished and if you are wondering about season 2 then we’ll let you know. Read this article till the end to know everything about Interviews With Monster Girls in detail.

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Interviews With Monster Girls – What is it?


The Japanese anime series which was first released in 2017. The first season consists of 12 episodes in total and it runs till 26 March 2017. If you wanted to read its manga version then it is available with the same name. The story is beautifully written by Petos and he was the one to illustrate it too. Because of its popularity, On 2017, A-1 Pictures decided to make its anime version and aired it in January, 2017. The story follows the young teacher who teaches in high school. She was interested in human-body and mainly in Demi-humans.  

Now, it’s been 4 years and we haven’t heard about its second Installment. Is it really happening or not? Read the next section to know about it. 

Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2 – Is it happening or not? 

Interviews with Monster girls

When the first season 1 ended everyone thought that there will be season 2 for sure. But as the time passed everyone started to forget about it. Many fans thought that season 2 would never happen but surprisingly it is wrong. A ray of hope arises and the news spread all over the internet that Interviews with Monster Girls is coming with its all-new season 2.

If you are wondering whether it is right or not then let me remind you that this is absolutely true news. The fans have been asking for the second season for 4 years. They even don’t know whether it is happening or not. But now they can rest and celebrate.

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Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2 – What will be the storyline? 

The story of this anime follows an average High school teacher Tetsuo Takahashi. She often feels insecure about her average face but still loves herself. Being a biology teacher, she loves to read about humans and their anatomy. While reading the biology books, she came across demi-humans and found it attractive. In the later story, she seems to find more about demi-humans which are also referred as demi or sometimes Ajin.

Furthermore, the story of this anime is kinda cute but don’t worry because this will take your interest throughout all the episodes.

In the second season we believe that Takahashi will get to know more about demis and their behaviour and also their way of living. In the first season we saw how she thought of demis and decided to tell the humans more about them. She somewhere also believes that she should firstly get to know demis and later research more about them. The story also tells about three more demi students. The first one is Yui Kusakabe who is fragile and a timid girl. The next demi student is Kyouko Machi who is a calm and sincere student. You’ll like her because of her grown up character and how she seems to have organized.

The last but not the least is the craziest Hikari Takahashi. Many of you didn’t know that but she is a hyperactive vampire who does some of the craziest things in the show. She keeps the show busy and funny at the same time.

Nothing is officially announced about the plot but we see that the show will pick up its phase from where it ended in season 1. 

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Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2 – When it is going to release?

As far now, we definitely know the Interviews with Monster Girls is finally packing their back for us. They are arriving soon, but when? If you are looking for the airing date of the second season of this anime then let me tell you that it is soon going to come

However, there is no official date for the second installment so far but by many insiders we can see the anime in this year. Although this isn’t fully confirmed yet, still many people believed in it. 

If there will be any news regarding the release date then I’ll update this section.

Final Words

The popular anime “Interviews With Monster Girls” have already released its first season. The show received a lot of appreciation from the public. That is the reason why there is a second season for this anime. However, we don’t have any release date for this anime so far. But we’ll update you as soon as there will be an official statement.

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