Intensive Care Movie (2018) Know Everything About This Movie

Intensive Care

Are you a lover of action films? There are many action films to watch online.

You also have watched many action films in which the male actor fights with the villains to save their family member or others where he works.

But I have seen a woman fighting with criminals and other robbers to protect an old and wealthy senior lady where she works.

If you want such an action and thriller movie then you can see Intensive care (2018) movie where a woman who is working as a nurse protects an Elderly woman’s home from 3 burglars by using her martial arts.

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Intensive care is an action thriller movie directed by Jared Bentley and produced by Kevin Sizemore, Peter Rimac, Rebecca Deluca and Randy Bobbitt.

It was Released in 2018 and the whole movie Runtime is 1 hr 20min.

Intensive care

Intensive care Movie written by JAred Bentley, Darrin Scane and Eric Storlie and produced in English Language.

Intensive Care Movie Release Date

This Crime, Action and Drama Movie was Released on November 6, 2018 by GKG Production.

Intensive Care Official Trailer

Intensive Care Cast And Crew

Following are the Cast Members of Intensive Care Movie-

  • Tara Macken as Alex
  • Jai Rodriguez as Danny
  • Kevin Sizemore as Seth
  • Jose Rosete as Rudy
  • Leslie Easterbrook as Claire
  • Darrin Dewitt Henson as Jeremiah
  • Gunnar Sizemore as Gunnar
  • Austin Pollard as Deputy Tillman
  • Ela Gavrila as Toni

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  • Larkin Campbell as Jackson
  • Constance Egli as Candy
  • RJ Guerra As Ace
  • Chieko Hidaka as Kayo
  • Helen Kalognomos as Waitress
  • Tripp Law as Lennox
  • Michael O’Connor as Carl
  • Mark Parra as Joe
  • Toni Senatore as Voice of GPS and 911 Operator

What is an Intensive Care Movie About?

Intensive Care

The Movie revolves around a live-in Nurse(Alex) who protects an Elderly woman home from the 3 Criminals who come to attempt a robbery and to clean up the house by taking precious things.

But they failed to do so as Alex creates trouble for them and protects home by using her Martial art practice which she learnt before coming to the home as a nurse to perform her job.

Are you agree with me that Intensive Care is a worth watching movie for its leading Character Alex( Tara Macken) who performs good stunts and does martial art skills in the movie.

Sometimes you also see that appearances of some people aren’t the same. As you see in Jared Bentley’s, Intensive Care Movie.

In this Movie Alex, Covert Ops Specialist in the Philippines is retired from a PTSD inducing incident. Alex gave more pain to people than she got but it’s ok.

We mostly see that danger comes from small things or packages.

Now Alex comes to the Wealthy Senior – Claire’s home as a Nurse and lives there for her. She loves her job as a nurse and it gives her quiet life to spend life in such a surroundings.

Meanwhile Danny, Claire’s Grandson made a plan with two local robbers as he has only a week to pay back Butters or else because he has taken money from them and now he is not able to return it.

So he thinks of robbery in his grandmother’s home to pay back to Mr Butter. He makes a team with 2 local burglars named Seth and Rudy to do a robbery at his grandmother’s home to break her Safe and steal a large amount of cash sitting at home.

Danny makes a plan by taking out Alex on a date, so that Seth and Rudy easily rob the Safe and come out by taking cash without any disturbance.

Now Alex wanted to go back home but till that time the safe is not broken and it is hard to break. So Danny decided to lure Alex but it doesn’t help him to break the safe.

In the Next Morning, Alex remains shocked as she discovers Danny’s plan. So she has to save home from these burglars by using her Military skills.

Where Was the Intensive Care 2018 Filmed?

It was Filmed in the main house in Ojai, CA. In Julian, CA, also the barn and the bar scenes took place.

Where Can You Watch Intensive Care?

You can watch it on-

  • Prime video by taking a subscription.
  • Apple Tv with buy/ rent option.
  • Fandango now – buy/ rent option.

User reviews and rating on IMDb

3.9 rating out of 10 is given to Intensive care movie on IMDb. Intensive care Movie has an interesting plot but it failed for many reasons and you can check out user Reviews regarding this movie on given link of IMDb.

Last Lines

An Intensive Care movie is good if we consider Alex’s role and her Martial skill Arts in the movie.

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