Instant Hotel Season 3: Is the Show Officially Confirmed by Seven Network?

I have been through a lot of Reddit threads and other sources. And I am surprised to see the level of surety among viewers. Without any official confirmation, you guys are already expecting the show, and that's great!


Series Name Instant Hotel Season 3
Category Australian reality television series
Release Date To Be Announced
Confirmed or Canceled Confirmed


Instant Hotel is undoubtedly the dearest reality TV Series. It has not failed to surprise the watchers and the pundits with its remarkable idea. However, after two astonishing periods of the series, the fans are worried about the show's arrival, which is why today I am going to talk about the most asking question- will there be Instant Hotel Season 3?

Instant hotel season 3

Instant Hotel-

Instant Hotel is an Australian unscripted tv series that started broadcasting on the Seven Network on 7 November 2017. The series follows mortgage holders who have changed their homes into inns. They are exclusively decided by one another to get the most elevated scores with the champ to win an extreme prize.

The series is delivered by the makers of Seven unscripted TV dramas, My Kitchen Rules, and House Rules. And the primary season was facilitated by Luke Jacobz.

In November 2017, the series was briefly re-established, which circulated in 2019. In December 2018, Seven declared Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would supplant Luke Jacobz as host in 2019. The subsequent season was broadcast on 11 February 2019.

And now, after getting two seasons, the audience is looking for a third one, so let's check whether Seven Network is coming with more episodes of the show.

Instant Hotel Season 3

Will There Be Instant Hotel Season 3?

The Instant Hotel Season 3 is officially renewed by the Seven Network, although the exact date is not confirmed by them at that time it doesn't mean that the show is canceled, there are many rumors regarding the show's discontinuation.

Instant Hotel Season 3- Release Date

There are chances that the third installment would come out at the end of 2022 or at the start of 2023, which is a total up to the creators. So when I get the official release date for the show, I will give you an update.

Now let's jump to the casting & characters who will meet in the “Instant Hotel Season 3.”

Who Will Be in the Instant Hotel Season 3?

Season two followed a comparative organization as last time. Again, each group scored out of ten dependent on the house, area/close by attractions, an incentive for cash, and nature of a decent night's rest.

It saw the arrival of season one appointed authority Juliet Ashworth, just as another extra judge, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Each judge additionally scored the group's home out of ten. The two groups that scored the most elevated went head to head in the finals.

In conclusion, in the third installment, you will see some former faces with some new ones. The names aren't exposed yet, but when I get them then, I will drop them in the same section. Stay tuned.

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Do We Have Any Official Teaser of Instant Hotel Season 3?

There isn't a trailer including another season. However, the fans have made several videos from seasons first and second to refresh your memories. Appreciate this clasp for the moment with us and treasure your “direction and “recollections.”

Last Lines-

Before ending the post, let's check what you can expect from the third installment? From the host to the prize cash, the fans saw different changes in the second period of the show. In the debut season, the victors got an all-costs visit to the “best moment lodgings” in California, USA.

A mysterious proprietor claimed this select lodging, who done up being Leonardo DiCaprio toward the finish of the dispensing part. In the other portion, the prize turned into the budgetary reward of $100,000. The fans are now desiring to increase the prize cash in Instant Hotel Season 3, so get ready for more fun…

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