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Instant Hotel, reality show is becoming a hit among fans and the viewers as it is a show in which those who have big homes participate in the reality show by making their homes as hotels and winning prizes which are in large sum.

Reality television series of Australia, Instant Hotel is a show in which owners of the homes transform their homes into hotels to participate in the show and win the title of the winner who gets the highest points or scores.

You can also see there is a lot of drama in this Instant Hotel Season which first aired on Seven Network on November 7, 2018 and then on Netflix. In this show homeowners participate in the show by converting their homes into hotels on the basis of decoration, different location, good sleep and attractive view.

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After That they receive points from each other and the team who got the highest points of all becomes the winner of the show with a huge amount of prize.

First season was hosted by Luke Jacobz but replaced by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in season 2 by the channel 7 and the series produced by Seven Studios .

The series renewed for 2nd time in 2017 and it aired on February 11, 2019 and after sometime it was released on Netflix.

Plot of Instant Hotel Season

Instant Hotel season 2

Each Instant hotel featured in each round and it has five episodes and every team aim is to score highest points out of 10 and it is given by each other participant and the judge on the bases of the hotel design, quality of the hotel or the house which they turn into hotels, area where the hotel is located, nearby attractions, money spent on hotel and even more important is good night sleep, with all these things judge of the show also gives points to the Instant hotel participants.

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The team with the highest scores moves towards the grand finale and the winner gets a price of $100,000 in season 2.

Release Date of Instant Hotel Season 2

Instant Hotel Season 2 came on Netflix on June 28, 2019 and it was hosted by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen with a judge, Ashworth.

Contestants of Instant Hotel Season 2

Instant Hotel season 2

In season two of Instant Hotel there are 4 teams which are-

  • Debbie and Justin are from Queensland who are mother and son and Buddina, Sunshine coast is their hometown.
  • Razz and Mark are partners from South Australia and their hometown is in Coober Pedy.
  • From Victoria you see Jay and Leah come in the show. Hometown of these partners is in Portsea.
  • Last and final team is from Queensland and they are Gene and Sharon, partners and their hometown is in Cairns.

Episodes of Instant Hotel Season 2

There are 6 episodes in season 2 of Instant Hotel whose each episode runs for 60 to 90 minutes including commercial aids and it was originally released in English language.

Winners of Instant Hotel Season 2

Debbie and Justin are the winner of this second season and won a prize of $100,000 and this a mother and son team whose two-level beach penthouse based in Buddina on the Sunshine Coast is the top spot of Australia. With an average amount of $736 Australian dollars you can stay in their Instant hotel for a night.

Instant hotel Season 2

Ratings and Reviews of Instant Hotel Season 2

7.3 rating is given to Instant hotel season out of 10 and there are the both positive and negative reviews of the users on IMDb. Some positive user reviews are new reality show on Netflix from Australia, great entertaining show, loved this show.

Where to Watch Instant Hotel Season 2

You can watch Instant Hotel Season 2 reality show on Netflix and on seven Channel, Australia.

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Instant Hotel season 2 is a reality show of Australia and it is a good show to watch as you can also take ideas from them on how to decorate hotels, make designs and how to attract viewers on their location while having a good night sleep.

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