Ink Master Season 8: Release Date, Reviews, Cast and More

“Ink Master season 8” is an American disposal style unscripted TV drama. The sitcom debuted on Spike TV on the seventeenth of January 2012, and every episode endured roughly 41-42 minutes in season 1 yet was reached out to one hour in the freshest season.

The show is worked around a rivalry between masters of innovative inking, who are delegated tasks by judges and should finish them to work on their capacities and ideal the speciality of inking. The show’s players incorporate the two novices and expert masters, and in every episode, the group says goodbye to one of them.

While winning the show is difficult, the cost is very meriting: the victor gets the title of Ink Master and a check for $100,000. This prize is granted to one competitor from a field of 16, a big part of whom are show veterans and a big part of whom are tenderfoots. Peck versus Nuez is the eighth season of Spike’s tattoo unscripted TV drama Ink Master.

The season appeared on August 23 and finished up on December 6, 2016, with 16 episodes. The show is introduced and decided by Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, with eminent tattoo specialists Chris Nez and Oliver Peck filling in as ordinary adjudicators.

ink master season 8

The victor will acquire a $100,000 reward, a component in Inked Magazine, a Dodge Charger, a visitor position in the shop of their separate group commander (Oliver Peck’s Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas, or Chris Nuez’s Handcrafted in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), and the title of Ink Master.

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Evaluations and Highlights of the Tv-show

The debut of the “Ink Master season 8” was planned for August 23, 2016. The primary episode was seen by a group of people of 882,000 individuals, and a demo was 0.43. The subsequent episode had less ubiquity (the number of watchers was 543,000, demo rating – 0.27).

As indicated by checked information, the editors of the show have gotten many letters from frustrated watchers who whined about an excessive number of emotional minutes and practically full shortfall of work with tattoos. As they would see it, the vast majority of the appointed authorities have their own top choices.

Everything the battles become pointless as the outcome is known ahead of time. On the off chance that this reality is valid, it is absolutely a disagreeable truth, in light of the fact that the general concept of the series is exceptionally uncommon, and a limited quantity of episodes straightforwardly associated with the expertise of the tattoo shows some relapse.

In any case, the crowd of “Ink Master” is still extremely high. Assuming the idea of the program is investigated and the work with the tattoo by and by turns into its fundamental assignment. Disappointed watchers most likely will alter their perspectives and return to their screens, expanding the rating to the past level. Right now, it’s realized that the eighth season isn’t the last, which shows the prominence and interest of the show on TV.

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Date of Release

This article will talk about the network show, perhaps the most famous on American TV for the last seven seasons.

ink master season 8

Enthusiasts of the series just got fantastic news: the show’s creators have formally selected to recharge it for the 10th season. “Ink Master” season 8 debuted on August 23, 2016, as affirmed by “Spike TV,” the show’s creation organization.

Characters and Cast

The show’s interesting idea is the aftereffect of the endeavours of such famous leaders makers as

Dave Navarro fills in as host and lead judge all through the seasons, while his co-has and top associates in the eighth season are Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, both of whom get the tattoo craftsman along with Dave.

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Is This Entry Deserving of Winning?

Our point was to build viewership and communication in the weeks, paving the way to and during the Ink Master Season 8 Live Finale. This was achieved using Facebook Voting, Facebook Live, a live stream on, and an in-show Twitter hashtag casting a ballot.

After the three finalists were declared on the penultimate show, fans were coordinated to Ink Master’s Facebook page to decide on the tattoo styles that specialists will ink, leading the pack up to, and in the long run, during the live finale occasion.

ink master season 8

Each democratic round was multi-week in the term. We utilized Facebook Live multiple times during the Ink Master Live Finale advancement. Each time with content made explicitly for the stage. Once with the Ink Master decided to set the other day, once with every finalist during their seven-hour live tattoo.

Once the live transmission started, copied our live stream endeavours. Our Facebook Live endeavours were an augmentation of the seven-drawn-out live channel on, where fans could see the tattoos of the three finalists paving the way to the live divulging.


Three key adjudicators find a seat at the judgment table. To decide the champ of Ink Master, they’ll determine who had the best tattoo of the day and who was killed. Starting with episode 10, each of the artisans will investigate each other. To stay away from the end, one individual from the other group’s program will be investigated. Next, they will clear up for the appointed authorities why that craftsman was chosen.

ink master season 8

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