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Will There Be Ink Master Season 14? Release Date/ Cancellation!

Ink master season 14

Last updated on 26 January 2022.

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo? Or do you have a long possession of getting inked? Whatever you are or you want, the new reality show is here to make you feel the same.

Ink Master Season: About

Ink Master is an American reality competition series and also it is a television series that has been circulated on Paramount Network known as called Spike, which has been for debuting on January 17, 2012. The show features tattoo artists who contend in different difficulties evaluating their inking and related creative abilities.

The last hopeful standing each season gets a $100,000 prize, the title of Ink Master, and a component in Inked Magazine. The series has been submitted by Original Media, which also created the truth show Miami Ink.

The series has submitted lot of exceptional independent scenes which has theme around forthcoming occasions  just like Halloween.

The show in total has thirteen seasons which are comprised of 186 scenes around but for all you to know that is available to watch on numerous stages.

The number of seasons is sufficient as of now, also at the same time the crowd needs more. They all are still in search for the Ink Master Season 14 which is the reason to discuss in our post. So, you all fans must be getting all excited for learning about the series. If you are willing to know all the latest and updates regarding the fourteenth installment then make sure to read our post till the end of the page.

 Ink Master Season 14: Release Date

It doesn’t take much long to deliver the new scenes of the series, of Ink Master show, as proven from the reality season 12, delivered its first scene on June 11 in year 2019, and season 13 appeared not so much as after seven months on January 7, 2020.

Without a doubt, the continuous general wellbeing emergency related to COVID-19 perseveres. It may take a bit longer until chiefs at Paramount feel opens for its seeking after another season.

The soonest crowds could likely expect Ink Master to get back with new scenes would be the start of 2022.  It would really be a happy chance to relaunch the series, as it initially turned out in 2012, so Paramount+ could advertise the new season as commending 10 years of astounding tattoos.

Past many years, Ink Master has had its portion of side projects, like Grudge Match, and Angels. There are no words from the officials side. Even the Paramount have been standing to see what’s the series holds at the present so that they could think about its future.

The show has been confirmed to be cancelled and will not be coming as officially announced by Spike. This line has been shared by

Series Name Ink Master Season 14
Category Reality TV Show
Release Date Cancelled
Producers Truly Original
No. of Seasons 13

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Season 14 of Ink Master?

Actually as per the official updates which has been came regarding the season 14 which is the new season of the series so according to that update there has been no such season 14 of ink Master and that season 14 has been cancelled by the Paramount network.

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Who Died From the Ink Master?

So you all must be thinking about this that who died from the series so it is Scott Marshall whose death has been taken place tragically.

How Many Seasons Are There?

So the ink Master series has in total 13 seasons as of now and the 14th season updates are still going on and updates have been provided you in the article above.

Is There Any Trailer of Season 14?

So talking about the trailer which is the most interesting part for all the fans of the series so basically about the trailer there has been an update which is that the Paramount network has been cancel the show and which is official announcement regarding the show so officially the season 14 is not coming and not even been planned to come in the future so of course there has been no such trailer which has been framed and the production in the directing staff are not making the season 14 to release.

Terminal Words

Don’t be sad! The show has chances to be back on our screen just for the audience. However, we have to wait a little bit to get the release date on our plates. But no worries whenever we get some more latest stuff regarding the Ink Master’s then we are going to update the same post. Till then stay tuned with us at

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