India’s Olympic probable swimmers to train in Dubai

Olympic anticipating swimmers will be going for training in Dubai after being sanctioned by SAI. These three Indian swimmer called as “The Indian Trio” will resume their edify at Dubai’s Aqua Nation Swimming Academy PTI. 

As Indian Sports Authority stated on Saturday, the trio comprising of swimmers – Srihari Nataraj, Virdhawal Khade and Kushagra Rawat will recommence their training after a long sluggish lockdown due to COVID-19.

Recommencement of their training probably to start from next month only and coach will be a chaperone for two months at a cost of approximately Rs 35 lakhs which came fore than Olympics in Tokyo, postponed for a year due to worldwide outbreak. Well beforehand talking about the swimmers adroit at as given below-

i) Srihari Nataraj, 100 metres with backstroke.

ii) Virdhawal Khade, 50 metres with freestyle.

iii) Kushagra Rawat, 400 metres with freestyle.

India’s Olympic probable swimmers to train in Dubai

The trio has accomplished qualification or remark of ‘B’ for Olympic. Therefore, this edifies by the allowed coach from the Dubai Swimming Academy would make them capable to achieve the qualification remark ‘A’ in the time interval to complete and to compete. 

Since March 25, Indian swimmers have been a prolonged distance from the pool for this lockdown. Though the restriction endured in the county till 31st of August 2020.

After a long discussion among the authority, the SAI decided to allow them for training in Dubai Academy for impressive performance in Olympic as the pandemic situation in India is still prevailing and pools are not accessible yet, as safety measures are still being taken.

Talking about one of the trio – Srihari Nataraj of 19 years old, with the achievement of qualification marks of ‘B’ previous year in the backstroke event accompanied by 100 metres in 54.69 second, which is a national record.

However, now preparing for the achievement of  ‘A’ qualification remark for which he has to bring the timing down to around 53.85 seconds to accomplish his spot in Tokyo’s Olympic.

Kushagra Rawat has an achievement of qualification marks of grade ‘B’ in three events of freestyle in Olympics of distance- 1500 metres, 800 metres and 400 metres. 

Six swimmers have got ‘B’ qualification mark in Tokyo’s Olympic. Names enlisted above –  Advait Page, Sajan Prakash and Aryan Makhija are being trained abroad. 

Sajan is getting trained in Thailand while on the other hand  Advait and Aryan are in the United States informed by the secretary general of the Indian Swimming Federation.

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