iCarly Reboot: Cast, Plot and Reviews

iCalrly was a Nickelodeon sitcom that ran its course for five years from 2007 to 2012. It was the era where the late millennials and early Gen-Z-ers were engrossed in these sitcoms to which they could relate at a certain level that made them feel more secure. Let’s see how the reboot of the sitcom in 2021 has changed these teenage characters and if it has left the audience nostalgic or has lost its spark entirely. iCarly was a start up for the internet generation when it comes to teenage television shows. The iCarly reboot had big expectations ranging betweent excitement and nostagia and it delivered justice to its fans in spite of the flaws.

The Plot of the Anticipated Sitcom

There are multiple kinds of reboots and when there has been a time lapse of almost a decade, making a reboot is not an easy task. It comes with a lot of burden of living up to the expectations of the audiences. Some reboots want the audience to reminisce while others want them to deconstruct their realities and go back to the good old days of their awkward teenage years where everything was possible. Let’s understand which approach did the iCarly Reboot took.

iCarly Season 1 came out in 2007 with a story of three middle-schoolers making a viral web show that was a premise which was something new and fresh as the internet was still entering its influencer stage. It touched various aspects of the internet that still persist, be it viral boxing or Obsessive stans that swirled with bubbles of opinions all the children were dying to exhibit. 

iCarly Reboot

Nine years later, the show comes back with the same cast but that has now grown up and is continuing a theme that is no more fascinating as it used to be as Carly embarks on the journey of reviving her old show after her boyfriend dumps her on the internet when she pops the question of making a web show together. 

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Although, the show covers the one thing that most people felt and that makes it an honest representation of how the show’s premise cannot be the same as it used to be. 

Carly is seen adjusting to the new internet and realizing that their gig is not unique anymore and it is difficult to survive in today’s internet when iCarly is not the only show that exists on the platform. There is a disadvantage at losing exclusivity. The race for clicks is a competition that persists in today’s era which the show’s protagonist finds overwhelming. 

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Freddie and Carly’s characters, although in their 20s now, remain the same over enthusiastic and dramatic teenagers they used to be. They cover the prospect of the cancel culture and the meta jokes inserted in the show for laughs fit well. 

iCarly Reboot

Harper’s character is not just a replacement and has more depth with a proper back story and the show covers adult problems with the same theatrics which they used to apply in the original show. The show in itself might resonate with the original demographic that saw the show before and might give them a sense of happiness that iCarly fans always felt. 

Certain Information About the Show:-

 Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, the host of a comedy web series

Jerry Trainor  as Spencer Shay , Carly’s older brother, now a wealthy artist

Nathan Kress   as Freddie Benson , Carly’s friend, neighbor, and technical producer for iCarly

Laci Mosey as Harper, a barista and aspiring fashion stylist who is Carly’s friend and roommate

Jaidyn Triplett as Millicent , Freddie’s adopted stepdaughter

Release Date : The reboot of the show was released on June 17, 2021. 

Creator :  Dan Schneider is the creator of the show. The series premiered on Paramount+ and had positive review because of familiarity and nostalgia hitting the audience perfectly with a dash of humor.

Composer :  Gabriel Mann and Niv Toar. 

Theme Music Composer :  Michael Corcoran 

Cinematography : John Simmons 

Producers: Jerry Trainor, Alissa Vradenburg, Don Dunn


iCarly Reboot opened with positive reviews with a slight critique over its exaggerated characters that still acted like teenagers in spite of being in their adulthood now. 

It was strange but was embraced by the audiences amicably. 

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Like all sitcoms, the show cannot be entirely detested just because of a few imperfections. Comic relief usually covers up for the intricate design flaws of an overall wholesome television experience. 

iCarly Reboot

This is not a reboot of Harry Potter that cannot have loopholes because of the technical details of the magical world. It is alright for it to make mistakes and relish in the aspect that the show was known for its happy memories that just makes the audience miss the past in these difficult times. 


iCarly came at the perfect time as that’s what the Millennials needed and is a perfect getaway from real life problems. It is a good coping mechanism for dissociating from reality and letting iCarly gang take the reins of their lives while we sit and watch the show with a bowl of ice-cream in our hands.