I Think You Should Leave Season 2: Things You Must Know About the All Updates!


Waiting for the “I Think You Should Leave Season 2”? The wait is over now, in this we have everything you must need to know about this sequel like when will it come on our screens, its plotline, and a lot more regarding the same.

The first part of the series is known as “I Think You Should Leave With Tim”. This American drama holds a total of 7.5 stars out of 10. The story is penned, composed, and cocreated by the same name, Tim Robinson in fact he added his name to the title of the series.


The season second was confirmed in June 2020 to renew for a second installment by Netflix But now we are in 2021 and don't have the series, why? Let's check out!!!

Release Date of “I Think You Should Leave Season 2”

This news is something like 50-50 because the show is neither confirmed nor canceled by the creators. At first, it was assumed that we will have the series at the end of 2020. This delay occurs because of the uncontrollable condition of the Pandemic but now the Covid is under control so we could hope to get the series in 2022.


 The Cast of I Think You Should Leave Season 2

We will hope to see a number of familiar faces again on our screens with some high-profile new faces too. At this tempo! creators have revealed only one name, Sam Richardson he would be in the sequel surely.

Sam Richard is also working on a popular show named ” Mother“. Maybe this will be the reason for the delay! We aren't sure about that.

Moreover, we could see the same old faces like Tim Robbinson, Conner O'Malley, Brandon Wardell, Artie O Dally, Mathew J Cates, and Matt Knudsen.

Episode List of Season 1

I Think You Should Leave Season 2

Season one is a tweenyweeny season with a total of six episodes named as-

  1. “Has This Ever Happened to You?
  2. “Thanks for Thinking They Are Cool”
  3. “It's the Cigars You Smoke That Is Going to Give You Cancer”
  4. “Oh Crap, A Bunch More Bad Stuff Just Happened”
  5. “I'm Wearing One of Their Belts Right Now”
  6. “We Used to Watch This at My Old Work”

Expected Story For The Season 2

I Think You Should Leave Season 2

Nothing is sure! about the Netflix release of the show but one thing that might have chances to happen is that maybe the story starts from where it ends in the sixth episode of season second.

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The plotline is not revealed yet but when we get more regards to the same then we would love to update more in the same post.

What Do We Know About The Trailer?

The only thing we know about the teaser of this comedy-drama is not available at this time for its season 2, now you must be wondering when we get the official teaser. Admirably, the trailer will be released in 2021 but not before that.

For this time enjoy this previous year's trailer. When we get the official, we will surely update that here-

What It's All About?

Netflix has decided to renew the show surely! Because the first season has grossed more than their expectations and holds a rating of 7.52 out of 10 from Rotten Tomatoes. The show is quite funny with some emotional scenes in it. We could expect to see the series in 2021, till then keep your fingers crossed.

When we get more about the series then we would refurbish it with the more latest information in the same post, so bookmark us.

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You can also ask us anything in our comment section about the upcoming sequel, we would love to clear your query with an instant reply.

More Queries

Where we can watch “I think you should leave season 2”?

The previous season is available to stream on Netflix. The second installment would be available to stream on Netflix, once the series airs.

How many episodes  “I think you should leave have”?

Season one has a total of six episodes.