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I Am Groot Release Date and Cast: 5 Super Cute Stories Are Coming Your Way

Baby Groot got its own solo series titled I Am Groot. The colossus Groot made his first appearance alongside Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). We are all so in love with this gentle giant by the end of the first movie that it breaks our hearts when he gives his life to save his buddies. In order to give birth to Baby Groot, Rocket finds a piece of the original Groot and plants it.

One of the most beloved Marvel characters, Baby Groot, now gets his own series, and many fans are eager to see it. To keep you busy, here is everything we currently know about the television series I Am Groot.

I am Groot Release Date

i am groot release date

According to Wikipedia On August 10, 2022, the I Am Groot series will launch on Disney+.

Through a Tweet that featured a series poster, the streaming service revealed the premiere date for the programme. I Am Groot will debut on Disney+ ahead of the August 17 debut of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

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I Am Groot Early Release in El Capitan Theater in Hollywood

Groot fans who want to see the first episode of the mini-series first can head out to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

The theater will be exclusively screening the short Magnum Opus before selected schedules of Thor: Love and Thunder. On July 18 and 19, the I am Groot short will be played before the 4:15 pm screening of Thor, while on July 20 to 24, the show will be played before the 1 pm screening of Thor.

I Am Groot Cast and Team

i am groot release date

In this standalone animated series, Vin Diesel will again voice Baby Groot. Bradley Cooper returns to voice Rocket Racoon. There is still no information on whether Guardians will join Groot in his adventure as cameos, but we will be alert for any information that becomes available before the start of the series.

Stan Lee’s drawings of Groot serve as a loose inspiration for the series.

The I Am Groot series will be directed by Kristen Lepore. Lepore also serves the role of co-writer. The show’s executive producers are James Gunn, Brad Winderbaum, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonzo, and Kevin Feige.

Marvel and Disney have been exceedingly coy about it. The five original, brief episodes of the series will feature brand-new characters who we have never encountered before. The series poster, which features Groot relaxing out with two adorable aliens, was revealed by Marvel in a tweet.


The Guardians of the Galaxy are scheduled to feature in Thor: Love and Thunder and their Christmas film, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Groot is the first Guardian to have his own spin-off, but we will still see more of the Guardians.

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Yes, the I Am Groot miniseries has a trailer. The trailer was made public during the July 21–July 24 2022 SDCC. We see moments from the miniseries episodes in the trailer, including Baby Groot meeting with little aliens, strutting his thing at a forest fashion show, and having many exciting experiences. Watch the official trailer in its entirety here:

Where will I Am Groot Stream?

When I Am Groot premieres on Disney+ in August 2022, you can watch it there. Currently, you can watch Ms. Marvel, Loki, and Falcon & The Winter Soldier on the streaming service, among other Marvel productions.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off, I Am Groot, is hoped to pave the way for other mini-series prospects for the other Guardians. Since his debut, Groot has earned a particular place in our hearts, and we can’t wait to see even more of his adorable antics in this series.