Hyouka Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Last Updated: January 28, 2022

Are you waiting for Season 2 of Hyouka? How would you feel when you are the same age and solve school or friends problems or mysteries? As we all know that a person’s life changes at this stage when he changes his /her view to see this beautiful world.

If you were in the place of Houtarou, what would you do and how would you solve the mystery of the club’s room? If you are a lover of anime series then you definitely watched Hyouka most famous series and if not then there is a brief description about Hyouka story for the new viewers and Release Date of Hyouka Season 2.

Let’s read further to know more about Hyouka, when it is coming out, where to watch Hyouka season and many more.

Directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto and written by Honubu, Hyouka is an anime television series which was released on April 22, 2012. The anime consists of 22 episodes in season one and was released on original network CTC, TV Sitama, TVQ, Tvk, KBS, Sun Tv and many more.


What is the Hyouka Story?

Hyouka Season 2

In Hyouka we see Houtarou Oreki is a kind person and he loves to prefer to be alone all the time. He does not involve in activities and really doesn’t care what is going around him like other teenagers of his age do.

He does not show any emotions like happiness or sadness and is trying to live alone so he can conserve his energy by not talking with anyone.

He believes in doing nothing and doesn’t recognise his skills until he is forced to join the Classic’s Club by her Sister and there in the club he was dragged to solve the mystery which revolves around the club room and it was a 45 years old mystery that he wanted to solve.

With the help of his 3 friends in the group he solve the unfold mystery with a girl named Satoshi Fukube who is a highly knowledgeable girl and with Mayaka Ibara, who is humble but a serious friend, and “always eager”.

He also solve other side mysteries that come on his way while solving this big mystery with his unique talent.

Name of the Show Hyouka Season 2
Genre Mystery, Slice of life
Release Date Canceled
Written By Honobu Yonezawa


Platform  Sun TV

Release Date of Hyouka Season 2

Hyouka Season 2

It’s sad to say that there is no release date announced for the Hyouka Season as writer Mr Yonezawa didn’t give any signal to the second season of Hyouka.

There are no more scripts as four novels are covered in the season 1 of Hyouka and maybe Mr Yonezawa is not interested in picking up the second season.

But you don’t lose hope as another animation company said that they would like to continue the season, so there is little chance of its release in next year and it is to be assumed as till now no official information regarding season 2 is given by directors.

People Also Asked Questions

Is Hyouka Season 2 Coming out?

As I said above there is a less chance for hyouka Season 2 as writer Honobu writes too slowly, so there is not enough content for Season 2 and there is no official release date announced for the next season.

Is Houtarou in love with Chitanda?

After sometime he realised that he felt for Chitanda, so yes in the ending of the anime, it is possible that Houtarou is motivated by the love of Chitanda.

Is the Hyouka season worth Watching?

Yes, the Hyouka anime series is good to watch as Hotaraou solves a 45 years club room mystery in a cool way and it is filled with thrills and you will definitely enjoy the season when you watch it.

Where to Watch Hyouka Season

You can watch Hyouka on-

  • Amazon prime videos
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation

Trailer of Hyouka Season 2

As there is no confirmation and less chances for the Hyouka Season 2, so there is no Hyouka Season 2 Trailer but you can Watch Hyouka 1st Season Trailer.

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