Hunting Emma: A Lady Observes Six Crooks Killing A Cop In The Desert| Complete Story Here


I like films that get you from the beginning and this is one of them. The pressure is kept till the end, even as the story takes a couple of impossible turns to a great extent.

The cinematography is simply extraordinary and truly adds to the story watching this will place you in that wide and abandoned region on a blistering summer day. This film is wonderful in its class, isn't it?


I realize you also love the Hunting Emma which is the reason you are here with us. In this post we will discuss this spooky film, so we should begin.

Hunting Emma- What About The Story Is?


Hunting Emma is the story of a girl who went to her father's farm in order to spend her holidays with her but this time her vacation turns out to be the worst part for her.

The film follows the genre of action and thriller which is directed by and written by Deon Meyer. The country of origin is South Africa.  The movie came out on 17 March 2017 which is around  1h 43m.

What About The Hunting Emma Is? Emma Le Roux is willing to go home in the holidays. She is the beautiful lady in the story, she always went to her father's farmhouse during her holidays but this time the destiny has written something different for her.

This time, we find Emma was about to cross the road with Bosman, Baz, Jay, Boela, AJ, and Piet. Bosman is a different character in the story who used to be the backbone of the drug supply and also a brutal psychopath.

Hunting Emma

Baz and Jay are his supporters, AJ and Boela, ruined whelps searching for approval, are ready to make a speedy buck in the criminal hidden world. And afterward, there's Piet, the quitter, who will do pretty much anything for his cousin Bosman.

Emma observes the homicide of a cop at their hands. Also, they see her seeing them. Presently they're chasing her down like a creature. She's simple prey, all things considered – it'll all be over soon.

The issue is, Emma is the little girl of Jacques le Roux. Furthermore, Jacques le Roux was a Special Forces officer. The chase isn't working out as expected.

All that starts self-destructing, and quick. From the start, they were driven by disdain and vengeance. Unexpectedly, it's endurance.

The journey of Emma is somehow terrible, how she experienced the death of the cop in front of her eyes…. Now let's talk about the characters of the film.

Hunting Emma Cast

Hunting Emma- Who Are In The Film?

The film has a number of characters in it, here we have listed the complete cast of “Hunting Emma.”

  • Leandie du Randt as Emma Le Roux
  • Neels van Jaarsveld as Bosman
  • Tim Theron as Baz
  • Bouwer Bosch as Jay
  • Edwin van der Walt as Boela
  • Danie Putter as AJ
  • Luan Jacobs as Piet
  • Tertius Meintjes as Jacques Le Roux
  • Drikus Volschenk as Traffic Officer de Wit
  • Albert Maritz as Manie Senekal
  • Lee-Ann Van Rooi as Mrs. Carlisle
  • Beulah Van Den Heever as Young Emma
  • Nicole Du Toit as Younger Emma
  • Hasna Van Wyk as Saartjie
  • Chanel Van Heever as Naomi

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Hunting Emma- Official Teaser!

Here we have uploaded the official teaser of Hunting Emma for the Emma fans, watch this teaser and cherish your memories with us.

How Audience Reacted On Hunting Emma?

The film, Hunting Emma has done mediocre work, the ratings aren't so good, however, the reviews are good.

As per the IMDb, the film got just 5.9 stars out of 10 with 76 votes, then again, Hoopla has given this 3.6 out of 5 and 74% from Rotten Tomatoes which is marginally reasonable.

Final Words-

It is films like this that show what South African entertainers are truly made of. The film depends on a book composed by South African legend Deon Meyer. The acting is wonderful, the story is stunning, and it leaves you in amazement toward the end. A clear should for activity/spine chiller fans.

If you haven't watched the film yet, then I must recommend you to watch this or if you want more movies then you can visit our latest movie category.

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