Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained: Why Was Millie Morris Not Arrested?

In the second season finale of Hunters, there are many mysteries left unresolved and surprising plot turns. After the shocking revelation that Al Pacino’s Meyer Offerman was actually the Nazi doctor Wilhelm Zuchs at the end of season 1, the final season of the Amazon Prime original series begins up two years later.

In the second season of Hunters, the reunited Nazi-hunting squad travels to Argentina in search of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who managed to survive the war in secret. Hunters season 2 features a side storyline that begins in 1975, when Meyer organises the Hunters, and continues through 1977, when he recruits Jonah Heidelbaum. Don’t forget to read the ending explain of Alchemy of Souls.

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained

With the world watching, Mindy and other Holocaust survivors testify about their experiences in the camps as Hitler stands trial for his war crimes in the season two finale of Amazon’s Hunters. Trace, Eva, and the Neo-Nazis plan Hitler’s escape from prison after his conviction, but Jonah (Logan Lerman) and the hunters stop their attempt.

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained

Once Hitler is behind bars, the hunters will reunite for Jonah and Clara’s wedding, and Millie will be hailed as a hero for bringing him to justice. As the second season of Hunters comes to a close, Harriet visits Jonah to tell him that Meyer/The Wolf ordered the death of his grandmother Ruth, and then Jonah appears to be following another Nazi.

Why Eva’s Men Build Bombs at the Bridge?

In the eighth episode of “Hunters” Season 2, Jonah calls Clara (Emily Rudd) from a phone booth to tell her he misses her. Millie Morris was credited for catching Hitler because the Hunters were never found. Hitler was chained and placed in a glass box before the court.

Eva told Travis that “showtime” had arrived after he was shot in the face. Eva’s men were building bombs inside a bridge, indicating a terrorist attack. Joe recorded the proceedings while Roxy examined every guard and police officer’s file in the court to see if Hitler had a plan to escape.

The prosecution counsel and Jewish victims were offended to find that Kramer, a Jewish lawyer, would defend Hitler. Mr. Frankel, the prosecutor, accused Hitler of several crimes, but Kramer disagreed and questioned their relevancy. Frankel then brought in eyewitnesses and Holocaust survivors, including Mindy, who recounted the Nazis’ abduction and murder of her son. Also have a look at Why does Katana man blame Denji in Chainsaw man season 1.

Was Hitler Proved Guilty at the End?

Hitler’s bid to defend himself was allowed by the court, but the prosecution protested, arguing that Hitler would lie to protect his legacy and inspire a new generation of Neo-Nazis.

Kramer wanted Hitler’s trial to be fair, even though he was a Jew. If Hitler were executed without a fair trial, he believed there would be no difference between him and the Jews. On the fifth and last day, Kramer asked Hitler if he had allowed the slaughter of 6 million Jews. Hitler said no. Hitler said he never ordered the murder of a Jew.

After Kramer, Mr. Frankel asked him why he had hidden in South America if he hadn’t ordered anyone killed. Hitler replied that he was on vacation. Mr. Frankel added that Nazi followers would have been unhappy to find that Hitler had not ordered any murders.

Frankel highlighted Hitler’s role as German chancellor during genocide. If Hitler denied killing Jews, why did he hate them? Hitler exploded, blaming Jews for their misfortune. Finally, he confessed and boasted that he had issued the orders. Hitler was found guilty on all counts on the last day. He’d never be released from prison.

Hitler suffered a heart attack while being escorted to prison by the police after consuming a narcotic placed in his pen. Hitler’s glass box pen was damaged, so Jonah assumed he was preparing something.

Hitler’s ambulance was trailed by Millie Morris and the Hunters. However, the ambulance abruptly turned and a bridge bomb exploded, blocking the police vehicles. The ambulance driver was a Nazi henchman who killed all the officers in the van and removed Hitler.

Travis then escorted Hitler while his prison inmates attempted to help him escape. Travis was stopped by Jonah. Jonah was critically hurt in the shootout, and Travis planned to murder him, but Joe shot him in the chest instead. Travis and the shooters were defeated by Joe. Hitler was detained by the police who escorted him. Joe brought Jonah to the hospital while the police arrested Hitler.

Why Was Millie Morris Not Arrested?

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained

Hunters season 2 follows FBI agent Millie Morris (Jerrika Hinton) as she flees after shooting a judge-acquitted Nazi. Millie confesses to killing the bishop out of guilt, but she is never arrested. After Hitler is imprisoned, Hunters’ season 1 character Congresswoman Elizabeth Handelman calls Millie to congratulate her and tell her she’ll earn a Congressional Gold Medal. The congresswoman ignores Millie’s claim that she murdered the Nazi and says, We can’t wait to honor you… you’re a hero, Millie. The world needs heroes.”

Millie hangs up knowing she’ll get away with this crime, even if the FBI would have fired or jailed her. Hunters’ season 2 finale’s congresswoman’s last sentence explains why the FBI or government won’t prosecute Millie: the world needs heroes after so much villainy and misery.

Can We Expect to Watch Hunters Season 3?

The Nazi-hunter thriller will not return for a third season, unfortunately. The second series will always be the final part of the tale. The story of the hunters is properly completed, and not even the narrative suggests a sequel. The streaming service has previously announced that this is the final season of the series and that no more episodes will be produced.