Hundred Season 2: Release Date| Plotline| Cast And More

hundred season 2

Wondering what will happen in the Life of Hayato in the Hundred Season 2? I know, you guys must be craving for the new season, in this we have covered each and every piece of information in this.

Hundred Season 2

It is a Japanses light Novel series written by Jun Misaki and illustrated by Nekosuke Ōkuma. The series is adapted from the Manga collection. The series starts in the world of weapon, Hundred are kind of weapon in the series, the name is given by the ability which allows to change different forms.

The trained ones are turned into the slayer, to become a slayer the individual has to learn the Combat. The main chacarcater Hayato Kisaragi learn the skills from the Marine Academy City Ship Little Garden.

hundred season 2

Now, jumping to the season 2 it’s release date and expected plots and further details.

Release Date of Hundred Season 2

The Season 2 of Hundred is not announced yet, but has a green signal is given to the show by the creators. We could expect the new season likely to fall in 2021 maybe in the summer or in spring.

Let’s Have A Look At The Ratings of Previous Season

According to the IMDb the series has given 6.3 stars out of 10, which is slighlty low, what do you think?


Hundred is the only weapon that can counter the mysterious Savage life form attacking Earth. To become a Slayer who wields this Hundred, Hayato Kisaragi successfully enrolls in the marine academy city ship Little Garden. However he feels a strange yet familiar sense of incongruity towards Emil Crossford.

Falling in the Action, Ecchi, and Romance genre’s it struggles to deliver on any of these.


  • Consistent Animation.
  • Good English Dubbing.
  • Music isn’t terrible.

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Expected Plotline of Hundred Season 2

The season one ends at four volumes, it has 16 volumes in total, which simply means that there is tons of thing that will happen in the season 2.

There are two things that we could predict like if the season two starts from where the first one ends( Emilia become a princess of an empire name Gutenberg) or maybe we will see a complete new story that get adapted from the Novel.

We could expect Hayato and Emilia coming to her country. She was treated badly by the women because of being an unwanted child or her. According to you, what could be the expected plot?

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hundred season 2

Who Will Be In Hundred Season 2?

In the season two we could expect the old central chacarcters like Hayato Kisaragi, Emilia Hermit,Claire Harvey,Karen Kisaragi, Sakura Kirishima,Liza Harvey,Liddy Steinberg,Erica Candle, Fritz Granz and Latia Saintemilion.

With some supporting characters i.e. Charlotte Dimandias ,Charlotte Dimandias ,Miharu Kashiwagi ,Chris Steinbelt, Chris Steinbelt, Chris Steinbelt and Alphonse Brustad.

Is There Any Trailer For The Hundred Season 2?

At this point of time there is no trailer for the second installment but when we get the trailer we would upfdate the excat one in this same post, to get the details and updates stay tuned with us at

Bottomm Lines

The Hundred Season 2 release date is not scheduled yet but yes, we can expect the show in the 2021 in winters or maybe in springs. The first season has got an average ratings maybe the second season will fly high in the sky, what do you think? Tell us what you expcet from the second installment.

Hope, you find the article informative for you, if yes then please let us know in our comment section and also share your feedback with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where we can watch the Hundred Season 2?

If you are looking to watch the Hundred then you can watch in the Animelist.netbut for the second season you have to wait to watch. Once the series airs then it will be available on it’s streaming platform.

Is anime hundred 2 cancelled?

The season 2 is not cancelled, infact the creators has given this a green signal and we could expect the series in front of us in the 2021(in springs or winter).

Who will be in the anime hundred season 2?

There is no exact list of the charcaeters are revealed by the creators but yes, we could expect the old characters to be in the season 2.Like Hayato Kisaragi, Emilia Hermit,Claire Harvey, Karen Kisaragi, Erica Candle, Fritz Granz and Latia Saintemilion.


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