How to Win at Slots in Non GamStop Casinos

There is a reason that retail and online casinos love slots. Slots offer them a significant return on a regular basis. That’s not to say that slot players don’t have a fighting chance. They do, but that fighting chance is directly tied to them playing said games with the right approach.

Before addressing how to win at slots in non GamStop casinos, one thing needs to be made clear. There is no system on planet earth that will help slot players beat the odds. It’s a myth, and people would be well-advised to not purchase materials that claim to offer a full-proof way to beat slots.

The devil is in the details when it comes to beating slots. It doesn’t matter if slots are being played online through a licensed, GamStop casino or on one of the UK non GamStop casinos provided by Online slots don’t care about where players are playing.

The following information is going to focus on how to win at slots, period.

Rules By Which to Play Winning Online Slots

As was mentioned above, slot players need to get past the notion that any systems exist that will help them beat slots. However, there are some tried and true rules that have led to slot players being able to win more often and win larger amounts each session. Here they are:

  • Select games with the highest RTPs
  • Never play a game for longer than one hour
  • Always play the largest available bet
  • Walk away after a big win

Select games with the highest RTPs

Before an online slot game can be posted on a UK online casino site, it has to go through an audit for random and fair results. During the auditing process, the auditing software is able to determine how often a game will payout something and how much it will payout based on original wagers. To be clear, that doesn’t mean net-winning spins. The resulting percentage is what they call a slot’s “Return to Player” percentage or RTP.

The RTP percentage is the amount of every dollar wagered on a slot that will eventually be returned to players in the aggregate. If a game has a 96% RTP, that means the game will return 96% of every dollar wagered on the game over the life of the game. The 4% difference is the online casino’s edge.

Most standard online games have an RTP of between 95% and 97%. The higher the percentage, the better for players. There is nothing wrong with playing a particular game because it was created by a certain software developer or has interesting bonus features. However, playing winning slots requires that players stick with games with the higher RTPs.

Note: Progressive jackpot games usually have an RTP percentage that runs between 85% and 88%. The lower difference is directly attributable to the difficulty of hitting the progressive jackpot.

Each slot listed on a casino site must, in some way, provide the slot’s RTP.

Never play a game for longer than one hour

Some slot players like to sit down with their bankrolls and try to grind out wins. Far too many people fall into the trap of playing too long per session. As a rule of thumb, players should never play slots for longer than one hour per session. After breaching the one-hour mark, players will tend to get tired and mesmerised, which often leads to bad decision-making.

A good strategy for slot-play time management is to play for an hour and either exit the website or go play a table game for 30 minutes. Anything that will break up the monotony will work.

Always play the largest available bet

There is nothing more heart-breaking for a slot player than lining up the reels in a fashion that would have led to a huge jackpot, only to find out they failed to play the max to claim that huge jackpot. If you want to play winning slots, you need to be prepared to play the maximum number of coins on each and every spin.

On some machines, players need to be careful. Why? Some machines require max bets to be targeted to both coin value and the number of available pay lines.

Walk away after a big win

This is a tough rule to follow. It requires absolute discipline and the ability to set aside feelings of greed.

After hitting a big jackpot, players tend to think an even bigger jackpot awaits. That leads them to chase that bigger jackpot. Reality is quite different because each game’s RTP percentage makes clear that eventually, the game will start reclaiming some of those big jackpots.

If you really want to play winning slots, you need to have the discipline to walk away when you win. A smart slot player will always set two limits when they sit down for a session of slots. First, they will set a limit on their losses. When they hit that limit, it’s time to walk away and return to play another day.

Second, they will predetermine an amount of winnings that should satisfy their winning desires. That’s the easy part of the process. The hard part is actually getting up from the computer, turning off the computer, and actually walking away.