How to Watch All Episodes of Anime Series Mou Ippon!?

Mou Ippon! is a Japanese sports anime that focuses on the popular Olympic sport of Judo in Japan. Yu Muraoka is responsible for both the story and illustrations of the manga. The anime adaption was created by Bakken Record and debuted on television in January 2023.

Mou Ippon! provides insight into the popular sport and is a feel-good narrative about a bunch of females who form a Judo club and all their antics related to the sport. If you opt to follow the exploits of Michi Sonoda and her companions, you are in for a treat.

To now, four episodes have been released, and the current season will consist of a total of thirteen episodes. This anime is for everyone, regardless of their interest in Judo or need for entertainment. There is something for everyone to gain.

When Will Mou Ippon! Be Available?

Four episodes of the continuing anime Mou Ippon! have already been published. However, we will provide you with the episode’s release date so that you know when to view it. The first episode of Mou Ippon! was shown on January 9, 2023, and the most recent episode, episode 5, is scheduled to air on February 6, 2023. Every new episode is released every Monday without exception.

How To Watch Episodes of Mou Ippon!

This program airs on TV in Tokyo in Japan, where it can be viewed. Using a reliable VPN service, you can watch it for free online in the United States:

Even those from the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Germany, and France can watch Mou Ippon! on HIDIVE. The episodes of the anime can be streamed legally on Anime Digital Network, which is accessible to viewers in France.

The Mou Ippon Plotline!

The protagonist of Mou Ippon! is a young woman named Michi who is devoted to Judo. She participates in a tournament and is victorious up until the last round. Then an unpleasant event occurs. During the final confrontation, Michi suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of Towa.

How to Watch All Episodes of Anime Series Mou Ippon!?

Michi, disheartened and lacking faith in her Judo skills, decides to stop playing the game totally. In addition, she had numerous other interests, such as high school activities and entrance examinations, that occupied all of her time.

Like many other children her age, Michi sacrificed her favorite pastime for school and responsibilities. But Michi’s devotion to Judo never waned… It merely waited in the backseat to emerge in full power when the time is right. And eventually, Michi’s opponent in the championship match, Towa, joined her class.

Towa’s proposal to create a Judo club at their high school rekindled all of her dormant love and enthusiasm for the sport. Michi was the first to support her initiative, which required new members. As more students join, the club’s membership and popularity increase gradually.

Michi makes fantastic friends and has a great time as her Judo skills improve with the assistance of her friends and the club. In the arena of Judo, joining the club was only the beginning of her adventures and trials.

Major Characters From Mou Ippon!

Michi Sonoda – Michi is the main character of Mou Ippon! She is 15 years old and has a youthful, innocent disposition. She is confident when chatting with others and can get along with virtually anyone.

Some people find her bothersome because she is loud and outspoken, but her friends and acquaintances adore her because she readily acknowledges the talent and efforts of others and praises them. Michi is physically robust and with outstanding reflexes, although she is susceptible to pinning techniques.

Sanae Takigawa– Sanae is another key protagonist. She is Michi’s best childhood friend and a gifted student, as seen by her outstanding marks. She frequently instructs Michi, whose grades aren’t as good as her own, and she also gives her valuable advice. Sanae’s academic abilities are above average, but her Judo skills are below average. However, she is adept at pinning her opponents.

How to Watch All Episodes of Anime Series Mou Ippon!?

Towa Hiura – Towa is an exceptional Judoka who joins Michi’s class after declining a private high school offer. She is the one who suggested establishing a Judo club at the school. Towa, although skinny, is a competitive athlete and tough competitor. She has a reserved demeanour and dislikes expressing her emotions. When she dons her Judo suit, she becomes a whole different person.

Anna Nagumo – Anna and Michi have been longtime friends. She was initially a member of the Kendo club but changed to the Judo club alongside Michi due to her intense desire to do so. Anna has the habit of referring to herself as a prodigy at every opportunity, as she excels in both academics and athletics.