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How To Unlock iPhone Without Password, Touch ID, Or Face ID?

When a kid holds your iPhone, they might get it locked permanently by entering the wrong passwords many times. Now that your iPhone is permanently locked, and you have no idea how to unlock your iPhone without a passcode, things can get complicated. That is why this article will discuss Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock, which can help you in scenarios like that.

Part 1: What Made Your iPhone Locked or Disabled

One of the most common reasons for a disabled iPhone is repeatedly entering the wrong password. This can happen if you forget the passcode and try to enter the password you think is right. This can also happen if anyone other than you try to unlock your iPhone unintentionally. Below, you can see how long the iPhone will be disabled by the number of times the wrong passcode is entered:

Password Tries iPhone Disabling Time Period
5 Times 1 Minute
7 Times 5 Minutes
8 Times 15 Minutes
9 Times 60 Minutes
10 Times Permanently Disabled

Part 2: The Best Tool To Unlock iPhone Without Password And Verifications.

Anyone can encounter this type of iPhone issue, but it is a big deal for someone who doesn’t know how to unlock iPhone without passcode. Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock is a complete mobile toolkit that anyone can use to unlock their disabled iPhones. It is a one-stop solution for all the problems a device can face, and you can use its prevailing features to optimize your device.

No matter if the iPhone has issues like data loss, black screen, system breakdown, or screen locks, you can always rely on this tool. Dr.Fone is a widespread tool that comprises almost 153.6 million software downloads so far all over the world. This mobile solution tool comprehends one of the most innovative technologies you can use for multiple purposes. No technical skill is required to operate this mobile toolkit.

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Part 3: Procedure To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode – Swift And Efficient

Now that you have a proper answer to how to get into a locked iPhone without a password and any professional skill, you must be wondering about the procedure. Here are the detailed and effective steps by which you can get this task done:

Step 1: Connect iPhone with Computer

Initially, download Wondershare Dr.Fone into your computer and launch it. From this tool’s main interface, select the “Screen Unlock” option. After this, connect your iPhone to your computer, and once the connection is made, click on the “Unlock iOS Screen” option.

run the program to bypass iphone lock screen

Step 2: Boot iPhone in Recovery Mode

Before bypassing the iPhone lock screen, you have to boot it in Recovery mode, and for this, you can follow the on-screen instructions. If you are facing a problem with Recovery mode, click on the link at the bottom of the window and follow the instructions for entering the DFU mode.

Once the iPhone is in Recovery/DFU mode, you must confirm the device model and its version. After this, click “Download,” and the firmware for your device will be downloaded.

Step 3: Unlock the Disabled iPhone

When the firmware is downloaded successfully, hit the “Unlock Now” button to start the unlocking process. In a few moments, your iPhone will be unlocked, and you are now good to use your unlocked iPhone.

Part 4: Some Assistive Solutions for your Mobile Phone Problems

  • WhatsApp Transfer: Everyone switch from the old phone to the latest one, but no one wants to lose their essential data like WhatsApp data. To solve this problem, you can efficiently move WhatsApp from the old phone to the latest one without losing a bit of it. As this tool is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, you can transfer WhatsApp between them.
  • System Repair: There is no guarantee of system efficiency in any device, so you can face many system problems. With the System Repair option of Wondershare Dr.Fone, you can fix system issues like black screen, apps crashing and stuck boot loops with just a few clicks. This feature can be operated on Android and iPhone, so there are no restrictions.
  • Data Eraser: When you buy a new phone, you need to erase data from the previous one, and if the factory setting is not working, you can get it done using a third-party tool like Dr.Fone. With this tool, you can erase contacts, SMS, photos & videos, or another type of data on both iOS and Android.
  • Password Manager: Anyone can forget the passwords of Apple ID or mail accounts, which can lead to bigger issues. To tackle these issues, you can use the Password Manager feature of this exceptional tool to recover different passwords. Whether you wish to recover screen time, Wi-Fi, apps, Apple ID, or mail account passcodes, this tool can help you.


As a final statement, Wondershare Dr.Fone is the ultimate solution to all mobile phone problems like how to unlock iPhone. You can use this tool proficiently because there is no skill required to accomplish your task with this tool. As for the screen unlocking scenarios, you have to follow the simple steps of Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock mentioned above to unlock the disabled iPhone.