How to Play Fairway Solitaire?

Solitaire is, hands down, the most popular card game around. People play it with actual cards and on the computer, alone and against people all over the world. And the newest trend in video game versions is solitaire with gimmicks or unique twists. Read on to learn more about Fairway Solitaire.

What Is Fairway Solitaire?

Fairway Solitaire is a particular video game version of solitaire that has a golf theme. Like other solitaire games, Fairway Solitaire uses a standard deck of cards minus the jokers, for a total of 52 cards. The original version has more complex rules and is scored like a cross between golf and solitaire. An updated version, called Fairway Solitaire Blast, is less complicated to play and is scored like traditional solitaire.

How to Play Fairway Solitaire

The goal of Fairway Solitaire is to play through a collection of golf courses and attempt to clear all the cards off the course. You will play with 52 cards divided between your draw pile and the tableau. The number of cards in each tableau is different because each tableau is a puzzle in its own right. Once the tableau is set, you can begin playing.

In your quest to clear the board, you have to do three things:

  • Draw a card from your draw pile
  • Play a card from your board that is one up or one down from the card you just drew
  • Clear your cards from the board.

Then, you can either draw another card or use any special cards you might have to extend your streak.

The special cards are Midas Clubs or Irons, and they act like wild cards. Midas Clubs can be earned by redeeming stamp collections or completing tours. You can also purchase them in the shop. Irons can be found in your draw pile as a reward for using one from your golf bag. Or, you can buy them. If you purchase before you enter a course, you can either fill your bag at a discount or watch a video for a free iron. Purchasing irons while you play allows you to either fill your bag or buy them one at a time as you need them.

Pay attention to your score while you play by keeping an eye on your score meter. The score meter tells you how many cards you have to clear to get to par; a plus sign with a number means you have to get rid of that number of cards, while a minus with a number means that you’re below par, or you’ve cleared more than necessary.

Earn stars in addition to your score. You can earn up to three stars on each hole: one star for reaching par, two stars for a great score, and three stars for your best score per course. Stars are not limited to the main courses, either! You can also earn them on daily courses and bonus courses. Keep earning and collecting stars because you will need them to unlock more course packs. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck playing the same courses over and over until you have enough stars to open a new course.

Should you want to replay either a single hole or an entire course to better your score, retry a challenge, or improve your strategy, you can do that. Replay holes 2-9 on any course by using the eraser. Restart an entire course by clicking the triangle on the left side of the game board.

When you draw down your pile but still have cards on the board that can be played, here is where game strategy comes into play. If you’ve reached par or another goal, you can end the hole. Or, you can continue gameplay by:

  • Using irons or Midas Clubs
  • Shuffling the board to uncover cards
  • Using +5 Cards to draw five additional random cards
  • Using the Mulligan power-up to re-do your last turn
  • Using the Eraser power-up to replay the hole

If you want an extra challenge, you can join a country club, which is a team. You play as you usually would, but all of your points and stars contribute to weekly community challenges.

Are There Health Benefits From Playing Solitaire?

In short, yes, there are health benefits from playing solitaire. In addition to better decision-making, solitaire keeps your brain active and engaged. Especially as we grow older, exercising our brains with card and video games, puzzles, word games, and more can help stave off age-related dementia, slow memory loss, and keep reflexes sharp. Such games help relax your brain, improve your memory, and teach delayed gratification. They can even make you more competitive because of the urge to best your own high score.

Final Thoughts

There are many different kinds of solitaire, from traditional to contemporary. Fairway Solitaire is one of the more unique versions, given that it’s scored closer to golf than solitaire. If you want a fantastic challenge that will keep your brain happy and healthy, give Fairway Solitaire a try!