How to Organize Your Remote Working Routine

As tempting as it may look from first sight remote work requires even more self-discipline than the office one. The goal is to have the work done and yes, remote work lets you do it when it is comfortable for you. Sometimes, you may get a bit too comfortable and your working day will turn out to be not that productive. On the other hand, without somebody regulating your work-time, you may keep working without stopping. That will not do good as well. The idea is to establish a proper remote working routine so that you always have totally balanced and productive days. Let's look at some tips that might help you bring some order into your remote work scheduling.

Define your productivity hours

It is highly important that you watch yourself and figure out when is the best time for you to work. There is a chance that you have started remote work simply because you were not on friendly terms with a nine to five, or any other time frame. You have to work when you feel like doing it. Therefore, define for yourself when is the most productive time for your brain, body, and soul to work as a whole and produce fruitful outcomes. When you know it you will arrange all your other activities accordingly and feel the most complacent.

Daily goal

Remote work still has deadlines and you have to divide your project into SMART daily goals. The goals must be real and achievable. They should never be reached at the expense of your free or self-care time. You may create a schedule and decorate it with pleasant visuals ( make your schedule easy using a schedule maker) Also, there is an idea to get a whiteboard where you sketch your daily measurable tasks. Be objective whilst planning. Do not be hard on yourself, but also make sure to show your best every working day of yours.

Arrange a working spot

Honestly, the bedroom is for sleeping and the kitchen is for eating. Of course, if the apartment space permits, you should definitely have a decent spot, where you can concentrate and perform your best. Preferably it should be just your area with no interruption. If the place does not allow a separate room for work, at least make sure to do your best to get a working desk and a chair, preferably near the window, to enjoy the daylight. The idea is to have a working area. It is frowned upon to work from your couch alongside the pack of chips, half-sitting with a laptop on your belly.

No pajama

Wake up, exercise, wash up, and get dressed! Remote or not, you owe it to yourself. You have to always be neat, clean, fit, and nicely dressed. So what, that nobody can see you, you are the boss of yourself and you are the one to decide on the dress code. You have to keep treating yourself nicely. Working remotely does not mean you have to start looking like Shaggy from one famous cartoon we know. Keep your professional appearance intact even when just working from your home area.

No overworking

You should not get carried away with your work and forget about essential things like eating four times per day ( or whatever your diet says) and not in front of the computer, like exercising so as not to become looking at letter Z, and that the number of sleep hours must not be negotiated. Deadlines are important for your job to keep on going and for your image to keep being intact. However, it is not less important to maintain health on a decent functional level. Define your priorities straight. Why would you need to have that increased profit if you might spend it on doctors.

Meet people

Working remotely does not always mean being secluded. However, there is a danger of forgetting how to communicate with people not via the Internet, but in an offline manner. Do not quit the real world completely. Meet with your friends, visit relatives and explore unseen places. You must get yourself distanced from work in order to recharge and get fueled with more creative potential.


Working remotely is a fun experience. In order to make it work you have to make some effort and organize your daily routine in the most productive way. You have become the boss of your schedule and you have to play this card right so that you keep getting a solid income and maintaining your physical and emotional well-being in perfect shape. Take it seriously and have a responsible attitude. You may be working for yourself, however, there are still responsibilities that have to be fulfilled.

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