How To Make Your Writing Creative When You Are Not A ‘Writer’



When you opt for creativity, you have an endless sky of opportunities. If you have creativity, you have a great possibility in the field of writing.

There is a common belief that if you are creative, it means you are creative, and if you are not, then you are not. But the time has come to deconstruct these old thoughts.

If you wish to elevate your creative skills, you could take help from a custom writing service to get knowledge. They are professionals in their own realm.

There are some ways through which you could write creatively even if you are not a writer. So, let's make a discussion about all these right here.

The Ways Through Which You Can Make Your Writing Creative

There are different ways through which you can make your writing look creative. People like to read-only when your writing arrests attention.

In order to grab that, you need to follow a certain way. Here are the ways that you can follow to add creativity to your writing.

1. Learn From The Best But Do Not Copy Them

When you read different writers, there is one narrative style that is sure to attract you.

At every point, you would find yourself close to that style. Whenever you read the writer, you would imagine if you could write like this. You will be one with narrative skill.

Therefore read more and more of the writer, and you will automatically imbibe the narrative style because you develop that style in your subconscious mind.

Now when you go to write, you will be deeply influenced. This will make it your own. Certainly, a great way to learn how to write creatively.

2. Create Characters Based On Your Experience

An open secret to adding creativity to your writing. Suppose you are writing some novel or short story; you don't really need anything detached from your surroundings.

Don't even try to do so. It will naturally kill your writing. The simple way is to select some character that you familiarise yourself with in your daily life.

Put the character into your plot. This brings an element of originality that you definitely need in your writing. This will also make your writing creative.

3. Find An Environment That Encourages Your Creative Flow

Remember that you are not a seasoned writer, and thoughts will find it hard to come by. Therefore you choose to go to such places where your imagination will stimulate.

This is the very reason why writers choose to dissociate them from worldly places and search for some secluded corners.

The muse blesses the writers to make their writing creative. No matter what Wordsworth called poetry, an overflow of powerful feelings and emotions recollected in tranquillity.

4. Read More And More

Whether you are a professional writer or a novice, you ought to follow this. In order to raise the flowers of imagination, you need to water your brain with constant reading.

There is no other way but to quote King Lear

“Nothing will come of Nothing.”

Though the comment is made in a different context, this one is apt and just here. You have to read to gain knowledge to elevate your creativity.

5. Polishing And Polishing

Never be satisfied with your writing. This is a golden lesson for any non-writer that aspires to write creatively.

Creativity is one virtue, and this is an essential requisite to becoming a good writer.

You ought to be dissatisfied with yourself. This will keep on pushing your boundaries. Constant edition raises your attention to detail.

Proofreading is one of those practices that you need to carry out constantly. The more you edit, the sharper your writing becomes. This is a piece of advice we have for all our writers.

6. Write About What You Know And What You Don't Know

A seemingly self-contradictory line but believe us, this piece of advice works to sharpen your creative writing skills. Non-writers must go through this.

Write about what you know. This means you need to write about the circumstance that you have been a part of. This makes writing both authentic and creative.

Discussing from a completely another side of the coin, you need to focus primarily on creating some events that you are never familiar with.

Try to create something from nothing. This also puts the creative element in your writing.

7. Freewriting

This is one great practice that you all must follow. Try to write without any prescribed structure.

In freewriting, the writer completely follows their own impulse. It's just like the pebbles that move with the flow and current of a river.

Free-writing is like a free fall that ignores any impediments and obstacles. Imagination completely ignores any call of structure, form, and conventions.

Allow your stream of consciousness to inspire thoughts and expressions and unleash your creativity.

8. Use Strong Words And Expressions

Strong words and expressions create bold statements. Strong speeches need audacity. This is always right for your creativity.

You need to have strong statements in your writing. This is really important so far as addressing your needs as a writer. You need a heart of steel to create something. We really cannot resist but refer to William Blake's The Tyger.

The Tyger represents the valiant force that emerges to conquer obstacles of life. When you are trying to be creative, you need to have the Tyger self to win hearts. Be strong to create something influential. It is never easy to become a writer.

9. Capture Your Daydream

We all love our sojourns, isn't it?

We all like to become the unrivalled prince in our realm of thought. We are undaunted in this realm of imagination.

People call them mad because they are always lost in some thoughts. But this is very good practice for creators- be it in writing, music, film direction, and other forms of art. Don't feel shy to engage in daydreams.

This is a proven pathway to becoming a creative writer. This is golden advice for you non-writers.

10. Get Outside And Move Around

You need to constantly get outside and move around. This feeds your imagination. Getting around some unknown places is highly important for any writer. It is highly successful in transforming a common human being into a writer.


Creativity is like a journey. It takes quite some time to hone that skill. However, without creativity there is no advancement in writing.

That is why you need to follow these when you go on to become a writer.