How to Make Money Quickly By Selling Online Ebooks

The digital migration has brought about several advantages, one of which is the prospect of earning passive income. There are various ways to earn money online and one of the most lucrative is selling online ebooks. The best part is that these ebooks do not have to be of your own creation. You can just as easily hire a writer to create content for your book and all you have to do is market it to your target clientele.

Ebooks are fast becoming lucrative moneymakers in part because they are so simple to make. You do not need a degree in creative writing to write an ebook. These days, there is so much content available in the public domain. All you have to do is repurpose it for your ebook.

What is an ebook?

Ebooks are just books that are available in electronic format; hence the name. Just like print books, ebooks come in a variety of genres from fiction to nonfiction, self-help to recipes, and career development books.

Even though people predicted the decline of print books with the rise of ebooks, that hasn’t happened yet and in fact, having both a digital and hardcopy version of your book increases sales for you.

This is why book printing will never go out of style. Having both physical and digital copies of your book widens your client base, making sure that your target audience receives your product.

Ebooks are popular products for online entrepreneurs who do not require too much technical skill to create them. Writing your own ebook is a great idea especially if you’re passionate and knowledgeable about a certain topic.

When you think about it, there are books about almost everything, covering pretty niches. Ebooks are the same and with ebooks, you have the opportunity to go deep into the niches as they are online. It is also easier to reach your target audience using ebooks especially if you already have an online website.

How to sell your ebook online

Create and protect your brand

If you want to make sure that your ebook is successful on the market, create a fantastic brand. Your good brand is what will sell your ebook.

And, if you do decide to write your ebook and sell it, make it a quality book because the moment you decide to publish your ebook, you become the brand by default.

Have great content for your book

You don’t have to be a master author; there can only be one Faulkner after all, but you do need good quality content for your ebook. Low-quality content will decrease your sales.

A high-quality book will sell itself through word of mouth and recommendations. Revise and edit your book before publishing it and if you can, engage the services of an editor. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback from your readers as well. They can help you curate content that targets them as your target audience.

Have a great cover design

People are visual first and intellectual second. Your book’s cover is the very first impression that people will get of your published work. A less impressive cover will not make sales even if you have impressive content.

You need to make your cover stand out and draw in your potential clients. Try as much as possible to have a cover design that matches the genre of your book. If you can manage to make it stand out even when it’s a thumbnail size, even better.

Write a fascinating description

The description of the book, alongside its awesome cover, is what will reel readers in. Take your time to come up with a clever description that will entice people.

Do not forget to use keywords so that people will find it amongst the millions of other books. No one will ever see your book if you mess up with keywords. The right keywords will rank your book higher, giving it a chance to be seen and be bought.

Offer your book on pre-order

This is a fantastic idea that allows you to gather sales gradually. This works best if your book is part of a series although not exclusively. For this to work out well for you and get a major boost in sales, you need to write a killer description and have the cover ready.

Alongside the huge sales, placing your book on pre-order also increases your ratings and it might even end up on the best-seller list.

Why selling ebooks online is a great idea

Ebooks are increasingly becoming important for bloggers and e-entrepreneurs. This is because it is a way to market themselves as a brand and their product as well. Other reasons why ebooks are so popular are:

It is a source of constant income

A good ebook is a great source of passive income for you. Once you’ve created and written a unique and interesting book that adds value to people’s lives, you can continue selling the ebook, earning a passive income.

Once the initial work is done i.e. the writing and marketing of your book, you can just sit back and relax and let your hard work pay off.

It creates brand awareness

Your ebook is another way for you to sell your brand. This is important especially if you already have an audience from a website, blog, or vlog. Your audience already knows and trusts you and they are more likely to buy your ebook once you publish it.

No pressure to publish and sell

Another reason why creating ebooks is so effortless is that there are no barriers to publishing and selling. With traditional books, you had to send out your manuscripts to different publishers and find one willing to publish your book. Then you would have to do book tours to promote your book and convince bookstores to stock and sell your book. It was such a hustle.

But with books, you can write, edit and publish your books yourself and sell them on many multiple platforms online.


An ebook is not only a way to make money, it is also a way to help people. If you, as the author, are knowledgeable in a certain area, then you are helping people learn from you. A good ebook has good content that adds value to people’s lives. These are the kind of books that sell the most.