How to Kill Guardians Botw: Best Ways to Slaughter Them

Guardians are perhaps the hardest adversary in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and they will introduce a major test for unfortunate Link. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Guardians guide, we’ll walk you through how to kill Guardians in Breath of the Wild as effectively as could really be expected.

Breath of the Wild Guardian Types

  • Rotted Guardian: You’ll see these almost immediately in the game, secured in one situation due to having lost their legs. They can in any case pivot, yet you’re ready to withdraw and hide.
  • Guardian: Fully working Guardian that has legs and can pursue Link across the guide.
  • Skywatcher: This Guardian is seen flying overhead in specific areas of Hyrule.
  • Turret Guardian: Found on Hyrule Castle, these are secured position however can modify their stature to fire at far off-targets.

How to Kill Guardians Botw

Step by Step Instructions to Disable or Temporarily Stun Guardians

Toward the beginning of Breath of the Wild the Guardians are unquestionably startling passing machines. You most likely idea you could take them out and unhesitatingly assaulted with a weak sword just to be impacted into dust (all things considered, not real residue but rather you would have been had Nintendo permitted that sort of brutality). These animals are solid.

There is an approach to briefly prevent Guardians from working, accomplished by shooting a bolt into their eye. In the event that you just have frail weapons try not to do anything over this. Take the time of personal time to make a run for it.

Normal Guardians are precarious as they get around rapidly on their legs. To have a superior potential for success against them your most ideal choice is to paralyze them involving the bolt in the eye stunt, then hack away at their legs. Once more, to kill them you will require strong weapons, so try not to tap them with a tree limb. Skywatcher Guardians should be grounded before you can appropriately assault them, so focus on their propellers first.

How to Kill Guardians Botw

Best Weapons to Kill Guardians

As we’ve as of now referenced, don’t get into a battle against a Guardian of any kind with wobbly weapons. You will need a stock full with high harm weapons. The ideal weapons are of the Ancient assortment, for example, a the Guardian Sword that is dropped in various Shrines subsequent to overcoming more modest old adversaries. You can likewise trade antiquated things for solid weapons in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, saw as in the northeast of the game guide.

Assuming that you’d rather take out Guardians in a solitary shot you must utilize antiquated bolts. These aren’t not difficult to get, being found in Hyrule Castle or the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. A single shot into the eye with one of these will bring about a moment kill, and regardless of whether you miss you’ll dole out a ton of harm.

With an old weapon prepared you’ll before long be overcoming these recently dreaded mechanical monsters, yet be mindful so as not to be hit by their laser impacts as they are still destructive.

It’s additionally conceivable to push Guardians over by hitting them with enormous metal articles. Use Magnesis to snatch enormous metal balls or squares, then smash them into the Guardian. Assuming you bring down them they’ll detonate and you win!

How to Kill Guardians Botw

Step by Step Instructions to Kill Guardians with a Shield Parry

On the off chance that you don’t yet have any antiquated weapons there is another dependable method for killing Guardians. While it’s dangerous, you can play out a safeguard repel (by squeezing A) similarly as a Guardian fires its bar at you. Connection will avoid it back in the Guardians eye, and afterward KABOOM! In the event that you pull this off you’ll feel like the amazing champion Link is, yet it’s not difficult to misinterpret the circumstance and be killed.

Step by Step Instructions to Beat Guardians Effectively in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Whenever you experience a Guardian, you have around five seconds before the laser locks on and releases a strong shaft that will one hit kill you until you get significantly more remarkable shield later in the game.
  • While you can go head to head (or for their situation, many toes) with a Guardian and hack away with weapons or use bows, there is one shockingly straightforward – however difficult to dominate – method that makes the fight a lot of smoother.
  • By repelling the laser assault with your safeguard – any safeguard will work – you can mirror the assault back at the Guardian and arrangement it colossal harm. For fixed, broken Guardians this will kill it right away, however more versatile variations will endure three shots.
  • To get the circumstance, stand before the Guardian with your safeguard raised, and sit tight for it to lock on. The focusing on framework will signal.
  • Before the laser fires, there be energy encompassing the Guardian’s eye, trailed by a screen streak. When you see the energy building, press the A button to repel.

Assuming you’ve coordinated it right – and it’s a tiny window – the laser will ricochet from the parried safeguard and hit the Guardian, and you will not have experienced any harm. In any case, on the off chance that you haven’t, all things considered, there’s an opportunity you will not have made due. It assists with being a protected center distance – not excessively close, yet not unreasonably far away – so you can easily respond and time it right.

Assuming you need a security net, delay until you’ve finished Death Mountain’s Vah Rudiana prison to get the Daruk’s Protection capacity, which safeguards you from strong assaults, so on the off chance that you mess up, you’ll get another opportunity.

How to Kill Guardians Botw

In the event that you’re battling with the repel strategy, things become a lot more straightforward when you observe a Guardian Shield – one of which can be found as a component of finishing the Soh Kofi Shrine that is only north of the Lanayru area tower – that can naturally reflect Guardian lasers just by holding your safeguard up.

Then again, Ancient Arrows can kill a Guardian in one hit. You get three by embraced the Robbie’s Research side-journey while visiting the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab (in the far north east corner of the guide), which includes a comparative interaction as the Hatino Tech Lab via conveying a blue fire to reestablish a heater inside.

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