How to Get Away With Murder Season 6: Release Date | Cast | Ratings | And Many More!

How to get away from murder season 6

Most of you think about what is happening in the courtroom when two lawyers are defending each other to save their victims(employees) and then the judge gives his decision regarding the hearing of the two.

Then comes the legal thriller and crime fiction American tv drama How To Get Away From Murder season 6. In legal drama, the system of justice is always a major part of these works.

The framework of legal thrillers is provided by the legal system as the police procedural is done by the system of modern police. The legal system provides the framework for the legal thriller much as the system of modern police work does for the police procedural.

Release Date of How To Get Away With Murder Season 6

How to get away with murder(htgawm) season 6 is the final season of the series of How to get away with murder American television drama series. The series was created by Peter Nowalk and produced by Shonda Rhimes and ABC Studios.

The series was renewed for the sixth time and premiered on 26 September 2019 from episode 1- goodbye to episode 15- stay on 14 May 2020.

The season consists of 15 episodes like its previous season 5 due to a deal made with Viola Davis that the series would be limited to only 15 or 16 episodes per season.

The season starts from the classroom of professor Annalise Keating with her students in their final semester in law school. While the betrayal, dismay, and guilt binding professor Keating to her students prove deadlier than ever.

How to get away from murder season 6

Cast and Characters:


  • Viola Davis as Annalise Keating
  • Billy Brown as Nate Lahey
  • Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh
  • Rome Flynn as Gabriel Maddox
  • Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt
  • Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone
  • Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton
  • Amirah Vann as Tegan Price
  • Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino
  • Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom


  • Marsha Stephanie Blake as Vivian Maddox
  • William R. Moses as Lanford, an FBI special agent
  • Jennifer Jalene as Avery Norris, an FBI agent
  • Tom Verica as Sam Keating
  • Ray Campbell as Solomon Vick
  • Kelen Coleman as Chloe Millstone
  • Gerardo Celasco as Xavier Castillo
  • Mercedes Mason as Cora Duncan
  • Cas Anvar as Robert Hsieh
  • Quei Tann as Peyton Osborn
  • Jennifer Parsons as Lydia Millstone
  • Deborah Levin as Sara Gordon / Denise Pollock
  • Lauren Bowles as Deanna Montes, an assistant United States attorney
  • Kathleen York as Martha Vitkay, a judge
  • Esai Morales as Jorge Castillo
  • Laura Innes as Lynne Birkhead, the governor of Pennsylvania
  • Cicely Tyson as Ophelia Harkness
  • Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo


  • Emily Bergl as Sally
  • Kathleen Quinlan as Britt
  • Beverly Todd as Donna Fitzgerald
  • Sam Anderson as Thomas Fitzgerald
  • Jessica Marie Garcia as Rhonda Navarro
  • Natalia del Riego as Marisol Diaz
  • Oscar Daniel Reyez as Hector Diaz
  • Dijon Talton as Ravi
  • Tess Harper as Sheila Miller
  • Teya Patt as Paula Gladden
  • Alfred Enoch as Christopher Castillo
  • Cynthia Stevenson as Pam Walsh
  • D.W. Moffett as Jeff Walsh
  • Anne-Marie Johnson as Kendra Strauss
  • Dante Verica as young Gabriel Maddox
  • Jamie McShane as Lennox, a United States attorney
  • Marc Grapey as Floyd Bishop
  • Gwendolyn Mulamba as Celestine Harkness
  • Famke Janssen as Eve Rothlo

Who killed Annalise in season 6 of How To Get Away From Murder Season 6? Is she alive?

The answer is –no one killed Annalise in season 6. We all think in the beginning that Annalise dies in the present day but the funeral actually doesn’t take place in the present but it takes place years into the future. Actually, Annalise managed to die of natural causes at an old age.

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Can you watch How To Get Away From Murder Season 6 on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch season 6 of htgawm on Netflix which already premiered on June 13, 2020. and you can also watch it on Hulu and on amazon prime videos.

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Why was htgawm canceled?

The news coincidentally came the day after Netflix announced their first show from Shonda Rhimes, the producer of HTGAWM. … However, it seems like the main reason that the show is ending is due to its showrunner Pete Nowalk deciding the time was right to bring the show to a close.

Nowalk added in an interview with tv Guide: “what i’m just excited about is this show should have an ending. The storyline, any good mystery, you answer as many of the questions as you can and I’m going to try to answer as many as I can.” (2)

Ratings and user score of htgawm season 6

The rating and score of season 6 is 7.8 according to the user scoreboard and the user told that the ending was perfect.


The sixth season of how to get away with murder is ended up with a good viewership. You can still watch all the seasons on netflix and hulu. You can also watch other legal thriller tv dramas like-

  • The blacklist
  • Suits
  • Seven seconds
  • Madam Secretary”.

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