How to Find Tiktok’s Voice Changer Filter? Know About Viral TikTok Trend

TikTok has been experimenting with and providing changes to the application for some time, making it the most popular application for sharing short-form videos. After adding the blue verification checkmark, the latest update provides users with something much more thrilling.

Voice filters have been added to the app, allowing content creators to alter the sound of their voice in real time and instantaneously post videos with modified audio.

TikTok Introduces a New Voice Changer Filter

The October 2022 update to TikTok introduced new Voice changing filters that allow users to generate various sounds and make their voice sound like it’s coming from a different person. Videos utilizing this filter have already gone viral, accumulating thousands of likes and shares and igniting a trend.

There are 18 distinct voices available. In addition, there are filters for chipmunks, cats, robots, and eerie images. The most popular so far is the ‘deep‘ filter, which transforms any voice into a male baritone tone. Another popular one is “Jessi,” which is a young American woman’s voice.

How to Find Tiktok’s Voice Changer Filter? Know About Viral TikTok Trend

What is the TikTok Voice Changer Filter?

The new audio function on the popular video-sharing app is designed to allow producers to change the sound of their own voice in real-time and immediately post the video with adjusted audio.

This new tool, which is one of several on TikTok, expands the user’s capacity to alter and modify their content to create unique videos. Text, stickers, filters, noise reduction, and even the enhanced feature that brightens footage at the touch of a button are further video embellishments available on the app.

How to use the New Voice Changer Filter

First, you must confirm that your TikTok application is current. If you still do not have access to the filters after updating your browser, you may need to wait until they become accessible in your region and/or on your device.

How to Find Tiktok’s Voice Changer Filter? Know About Viral TikTok Trend

While making videos, the capability is accessible within the application.

  • Launch the app.
  • To create a new video, press the “+” button.
  • Record a video using your voice, then click the checkbox.
  • On the right side of the display, there are three dots or an arrow that leads to a drop-down menu with the audio editing option.
  • Once you select audio editing, the available filters will appear, and you can select your favorite.
  • After applying the filter, you save the video and it is now ready for sharing.

The voice-changing option is applicable to all videos. Sources indicate that the filter also works on television sequences; capturing the moment with the filter activated on a mobile phone produces amusing results.

However, it is most effective when utilized in videos when the author talks clearly and directly to the camera. Additionally, background noise is reduced to improve the feature. It is the ideal new tool for adding humor and lightheartedness to storytime and narration-style videos.

Some videos utilizing the filter went popular. Numerous tutorial videos have also been circulating, allowing other TikTok users to join the movement. A notable training video uploaded by user @Chloemarieh3nn3s demonstrates how to use the deep voice filter and describes the procedure. The number of views on the video has surpassed 1.5 million and continues to rise.