How to Choose Men Eyeglasses – A Quick Guide

There are several models of men’s eyeglasses to choose from, but to make the right choice it is important to know the best frame for your face.

We have prepared a quick but very complete guide that will help you, if you are a man, to identify your face shape and choose the frame that best suits you and your visual needs.

Come on?

Male Face Shapes

If you’ve already taken the test of trying on a series of frames, you’ve noticed that some models value your face more than others, right?

This is because depending on the shape of your face, a frame model can better harmonize with your facial features. And the opposite can also happen.

That is, depending on your choice, you may run the risk of thinking that no glasses will suit you.

But calm down. There is indeed the frame that will enhance your face and still help you see well with comfort.

Men’s Eyeglasses for Every Face Shape

Before choosing your glasses, you will need to know what your face type is. There are several face shapes, but it’s not difficult to know which one is yours.

  • Square face – It is a super versatile face shape that matches the widest variety of models. The most suitable for men who have this type of face are round glasses, positioned higher on the nose.
  • Oval face – This type of face suits smaller and more rounded frames, such as the classic aviator model, cat or Wayfarer sunglasses.
  • Diamond face – Also known as “diamond face” and its main feature is the more accentuated cheeks and small chin. The best option for this shape is square rimless glasses or oval frames.
  • Heart Face – People with a heart face have a wider forehead, higher cheekbones and a narrow chin. It’s a very square face shape and matches smaller oval or rectangular frames and the classic Ray-ban Wayfarer.

Now we will show you how to choose the ideal frame for your face shape. Write down, then, the next tips!

Men’s eyeglasses frame for square face

If your face is square, give preference to more rounded frames that are higher on the nose. This will create a harmonious contrast between the face shape and the glasses.

On the other hand, avoid using rectangular and angled frames because they will emphasize the features of your face. That is, it will be even squarer, taking away the aesthetic harmony and balance.

Oval face glasses model

Oval faces are definitely the easiest to match. This format harmonizes with various types of frames, even the largest and widest.

However, the frames those best suit men who have oval faces are:

  • Round frames
  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer

Round face glasses model

If you have a round face, bet on rectangular or square frames, as they contrast with this face shape.

Therefore, choosing frames that have a more angular design is the best option.

In fact, you can check buff glasses that develops square and rectangular wooden frames. It is a discreet but stylish option for those looking for men’s eyeglasses. To get them check buy from china stores or Amazon or any online store.

Heart face glasses template

Those with a heart-shaped face can bet without fear on rectangular and oval frames.

Even smaller oval frames and the classic Wayfarer are great options. As well as half-rimmed and three-piece round glasses.

Diamond face glasses model

The diamond face shape is one of the easiest, as it matches different types of frames.

However, we know that rimless frames or oval frames with closed rims end up highlighting diamond faces more.

Metal oval, rectangular, and dark metal half-rim glasses are also often a great choice for this type of face.

Can Large Frames Be Used?

Another important detail to pay attention to when choosing a men’s eyeglasses is if the frame is too big. Because the size of the frame and the measurement of your DNP (distance from the pupil to the nose) can influence the mounting of lenses with your degree.

This happens, because depending on the degree, only certain frames are recommended, due to the fit of the lenses, in addition to the final thickness of your lenses. That is, the choice of frame influences the final result of your glasses.

That’s why choosing the right frame can guarantee a more satisfying result and even thinner eyewear.

This happens especially with those who have myopia (difficulty seeing from afar) with or without astigmatism.

Those who have up to 4 degrees of myopia have greater freedom when choosing the frame, since in this case, it is more difficult for the glasses to have edges on the sides.

However, for those who have a high degree of myopia and are looking for thinner glasses, this decision requires some care. Since depending on the size of the frame, your glasses can be much thicker.

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Men’s Eyeglasses Frame Materials

For those who like to look for the frames according to the material, we also list what are the main materials of men’s eyeglasses frames. Are they:

  • Cellulose acetate (acetate)
  • Metal
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood
  • Injected