How to Best Maintain Your Computer During Your Day to Day Life


A computer is an investment for a lot of people. It is an investment in a piece of technology that grants you the ability to go online and work, and it gives you everything you need in order to stay up to date and current with the rest of the world. However, it is also a piece of technology that requires you to maintain it in order to give it a long and lasting lifespan, and there are things that you can easily do in your day to day life that will save you the trouble of having to buy a new computer much faster than what is necessary.

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Always Use a Sleeve or a Bag When Transporting

When maintaining your computer there is one thing that should be at a top priority. This is that you are always using a sleeve or a cover, when you are transporting your computer. This is essential in order for you to create a longer lifespan for your piece of technology, and therefore this should also be one of the first purchases that you make after you have purchased your computer. A computer is very vulnerable during transportation, and it does not handle tremors and blows very well, which means that you should be sure to wrap it as nice and securely as possible before you enter the outside world with it under your arm.

Never Use Your Computer Directly on Your Sheets


Another thing that you can do in order to take care of your computer is to make sure never to use it directly in your sheets. This is very bad for the computer's cooling system, and if you are unlucky, it might overheat and fry your computer. This is a very expensive damage, and it is avoidable, if you simply make sure to have something hard underneath your computer, such as a book or a small table for the bed, so that you do not overheat your computer. This is one of the easiest ways for you to take care of your computer, and it does not demand a lot of work in order to avoid this. It will also help the battery time on your computer, as it will not have to work nearly as hard in order to keep running smoothly.

Avid All Types of Liquid Near Your Computer

If you want to make sure that your computer has the longest lifespan possible, you have to avoid all types of liquid near it. Most accidents and malfunctions that happen revolving computers are with drinks that are spilled into the computer and that makes it crash and unable to function properly afterwards. That is why, if you need a drink around your computer, you have to make sure that there is a cap on your bottle of water or a cap for your soda and that you put it on after use, so that you do not risk your computer as you are refreshing yourself.

Have It Professionally Cleaned Once a Year

Another thing that is very easy for you to do and requires very little work on your part in order to longen the lifespan of your computer is having it professionally cleaned once every year. This is a way of making sure that the filters in the computer are free from dust and that there is nothing within the hardware that might make the computer malfunction. This is especially a good idea if you often eat at your computer, and there might be crumbs and other things stuck between the tabs or crevices, which is a good idea to have removed. Then you are able to enjoy a much cleaner and more healthy computer during your day to day life.

Remember to Disinfect and Clean Your Screen

At last it is important that you clean your computer regularly, and that you disinfect your screen. This is done, as there are hundreds of different bacterias that are present on your computer tabs and screen every day, especially if you take the computer out of the house for work, and therefore you should find the time to make sure that you are not cultivating a lot of bacteria that could have been avoided. The cleaning will also help with avoiding discoloration of your hardware if you spill something or there is something stuck to your computer after use. This cleaning does not have to take long, it simply needs to take five minutes where you are making sure that your investment is well taken care of.