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How to Become a YouTube Gamer

Why should you care about YouTube gaming, and, by extension, the gaming industry? Because gaming pays handsomely, and YouTube gaming is already a big deal in the industry. How much are we talking about here? billions!

The global gaming market will be worth 256.97 billion USD by 2025, and players and fans are increasing by the day. And while the YouTube gaming channels declined from 1.1 million in the last quarter of 2020 to 665 thousand in the first quarter of 2021, there’s still money to be made. YouTube gamers earn millions of dollars, and you can join the bandwagon. Use our tips to become a YouTube gamer.

Choose Your Niche

YouTube gaming is diverse but highly competitive. To put it into perspective, gaming makes up 15% of all YouTube content, and YouTubers upload over 300 hours of new videos every minute. If you want a piece of the pie, choose your niche carefully.

Find a niche, develop a unique voice, and offer your audience value. Remember, people watch YouTube gaming videos for different reasons–some do it for fun while others want a walkthrough to finish a difficult game level. Target a niche that will allow you to offer the most value.

Get the Right Gaming Equipment

After you’ve picked the niche, it’s time to get the tools of the trade. You’ll need quality equipment to make quality content and beat the competition. Irrespective of your niche, you’ll need some, or all, of the following equipment:

  • Games and a gaming platform
  • A quality video recorder
  • Screen capture software
  • A quality microphone or a tool for recording audio
  • Good lighting
  • Video-editing software
  • An external hard drive for backing up your videos

Successful YouTube gamers earn good money, and you can even base a career on Youtube gaming. But you need quality equipment. No one’s saying you get a $5000 DSLR, don’t break the bank to start gaming. Just get some standard tools of good quality.

Build and Market Your Channel

Obviously, you need a YouTube channel to become a YouTube gamer. Once that’s out of the way, optimize the channel with excellent art, a profile picture, video intros/outros, and a logo. Don’t worry if you don’t get the channel up and running immediately, be open to learning and improving–experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Start creating videos for your channel and uploading.

Act on the audience’s reactions/comments and tweak your content to align with what the audience wants. To make your channel popular, market it everywhere you can.

Seek advice from experienced YouTube gamers on how to better your channel, and also do your own research. Your aim here is to get a big enough audience to start monetizing the channel. Depending on how your channel is progressing, you can even take chances and get car title loans to get better gaming equipment.

Be Consistent

Just as with any other social media site, consistency is critical. Be consistent in uploading content to ensure your channel gains popularity. And as your fan base grows, so will your chances of making good money. Create a schedule for content creation and posting, and let your viewers know when to expect new content. Be consistent, and you will succeed as a YouTube gamer. Your channel will be mentioned alongside the best YouTube gaming channels.