How to Beat Asgore Pacifist Without Pie

Asgore and Flowey are among the last boss battles of Undertale, coming after you’ve investigated The Core.The accompanying boss is intended to be had as influence of a total Pacifist aide – so, going through the whole game without killing anything to open an alternate completion – of which bosses are probably the hardest to beat.

Assuming you’re playing a Genocide run, in any case, you’ll be battling somebody different in the last experience – the earlier connection clarifies who. However, whichever way you’re playing, our more extensive Undertale walkthrough digs into different region of the game.

How to Beat Asgore

Asgore Boss Battle

As the fight starts, Asgore will obliterate your Mercy button. This time you must choose the option to battle as far as possible!

His assaults are basically the same as Toriel’s nevertheless they cause fundamentally more harm, however you can eat your Butterscotch Pie and Talk to him multiple times to bring down his AT and DEF to even the chances a bit on the off chance that you really want to.

  • At the point when he swipes his hands across the crate move aside then, at that point, get through the holes in the blazes.
  • Remain close to the center of the container for his rings of fire, and just move to the extent that you really want to just barely get through the holes.
  • Remain in the container during his twisting fire assaults, and move left and right on schedule with its revolution.
  • The more extended the battle goes on the more harm you’ll do to him with each hit, and he will ultimately surrender rout.

Decide to save him, and Flowey will show up. Toward the finish of his tirade the game will crash (in any event, on PC) and when you reload it your save document will be “adulterated” – don’t freeze, it’s intended to occur! Simply pick Continue, and get ready for a legendary fight…

How to Beat Asgore

Photoshop Flowey Boss Battle

This battle is altogether different to any you’ve looked previously. There’s no case compelling you, the battle isn’t turn-based, and to begin with you have no buttons along the lower part of the screen; the Fight button will show up once in a while, and you want to hit it rapidly when it shows up.

Flowey’s assaults cycle between a full scale attack and a short fight against one of the six Souls. Passing on anytime will make the game quit, however toward the finish of each cycle you’ll hit a designated spot so assuming you pass on you can essentially continue the fight the last known point of interest.

During his full scale stage the main thing to do is continue to move – as long as you don’t stop you won’t kick the bucket, you’ll simply get brought down to 1HP.

  • At the point when little circles show up at your area move out of them as they contract.
  • Move left and right when he fires his orange and white confuse radiates.
  • At the point when he utilizes his flamethrowers go up as high as possible and slide left and right to continue to move.
  • His downpour of bombs require some clever moving to keep away from – attempt and remain in the holes among them and move with them however much as could reasonably be expected.
  • The skipping spiky balls are genuinely simple to evade – move to the lower part of the screen and follow the holes as they bob around.

How to Beat Asgore

Whenever You’ve to Endure a Wave and Hit the Fight Button, He’ll Draw out a Soul

At an irregular point during this stage an Act button will get across the screen that you should actuate – hitting it will transform his assaults into mending things which ought to return you once again to full wellbeing, however neglecting to do as such will get you killed before long.

  • Light blue soul: Dodge the spinning edges. The Act button will tumble from the highest point of the screen.
  • Orange soul: Boxing gloves will circle around the screen, moving in and out as they do as such. The Act button will again drop from the highest point of the screen.
  • Dim blue soul: Stay as low as could really be expected, and duck under the shoes when you find the opportunity. The Act button will replace one of the shoes and move in from the side.
  • Purple soul: Words will drift in from one or the other side of the screen, so remain in the center and simply go all over to evade them. The Act button will likewise drift in from the edge and ought to be not difficult to hit.
  • Green soul: Stay low and move from one side to another to keep away from the flares regurgitating forward from the broiling skillet. The Act button will jump out of one of them.
  • Yellow soul: Stay clear of the region between the weapon and the objective and you’ll handily try not to take harm. The Act button will discharge out of the firearm.

How to Beat Asgore

When every one of the six spirits have been managed Flowey’s DEF will drop to nothing and your HP will be completely reestablished. He’ll return to his hard and fast assaults yet the spirits will keep on tossing out mending things, so giving you hit the Fight button each time it seems the battle ought to be over decently fast from here.

The game will arrive at a resolution now, however on the off chance that you figured out how to not kill any beasts and become friends with Papyrus and Undyne as a feature of a Pacifist playthrough, there’s something else to come. Reload the game and make a beeline for the Laboratory to see considerably more.

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