How New Zealand Gambling Profits Can Shadow Its Harm?

The gambling industry in New Zealand is estimated worth $2 billion per year. With a booming business and a huge number of games, regulation and a systematic approach are undeniable necessities. The New Zealand Population was said to be having the highest risk of developing harmful and obsessive gambling tendencies.

The overall Kiwi culture and gambling are intertwined and which increases the chances furthermore. Gambling losses of punters usually end up paying for the harm caused to them. These result in the addicted punters funding the gambling treatment services for the very same harm.

Gambling Profits In New Zealand 2020-21

New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs maintains records on the spending on gambling by the Kiwis. In the final quarter of 2020, there has been a record of high spending on pokie machines which was around $252 million.

The overall spending on gambling had decreased in 2020 due to the Covid-19 protocols and restrictions. Pokie spending had decreased by 18% whereas casino spendings were less by 22%. Only lotteries had seen a 13% increase in revenue generation. However, Q3 generated 116% profit in 2020 due to the leniency in restrictions by the Government.

Adverse Effects On The Problem Gamblers

The rise in gambling profits in New Zealand is a cause of concern for the problem gamblers. The profit might be favourable for the industry but severely affects the vulnerable communities.

These punters tend to be the biggest spenders. The industry is causing harm which is shadowed by its surplus benefits. These profits are only beneficial for regular gamblers. Gambling addicts face a lot of problems in their personal and professional lives due to the expansion of the industry.

Benefits Of Gambling Profits In New Zealand

Gambling profits bounced back after the impact of Covid 19. By law, New Zealand distributes 40% of poker proceeds as grants. Therefore, an increase in profits helps in benefitting the communities in NZ. The goal of the Department of Internal Affairs is to regulate the industry as well as earn adequate profits in order to increase the overall revenue.

New Zealand has a population of around 5 million people, as per the March 2020 records. Approximately $3 million is spent through online casinos based in New Zealand each year. However, healthy gambling is always promoted keeping in mind the safety of the citizens. By proper regulation of online gambling, the DIA would promote better gambling habits and benefit financially.

Gambling And Charity

Regulations vary from country to country and are controlled by credible and designated regulatory bodies in the gambling world. Gambling in New Zealand obeys and satisfies all requirements concerning social responsibility through charity duties. The donations made by the casinos are put to good usage in terms of:

  • Sports Equipments: The sports Industry in New Zealand celebrates funding in the form of charity from the casinos. These amounts are used for buying equipment necessary for the games.
  • Salaries: Salaries of teachers, staff, and tutors in schools and colleges are funded by donations from casinos which is of great help.
  • Grounds Maintenance: The funding received from casinos is spent on ground maintenance services which is again a good cause.
  • Operating Expenses: Expenses in terms of rents, telephones, and overheads receive financial strength from casino donations.
  • Education: These charity amounts are spent on education schemes, coaching, or training programs.
  • Renovations and New Building Projects: Charity funds are utilized for capital projects like building works and redevelopment projects in New Zealand.
  • Administrative Costs: These expenses are covered with the help of the funds received from Casino charities.

Gambling Profits Utility

The profits of the gambling industry in New Zealand certainly benefit many community programs. The funds from gambling operations are utilized to finance projects in society such as education, health, art initiatives, and sports. Betting firms thus contribute to society through funds and donations made to gambling trusts distributed in different parts of New Zealand.


Gambling in New Zealand has both pros and cons. On one hand, there is a massive revenue generation benefitting the country, social funds for good causes. On the other, the industry causes harm to problem gamblers who have no control over their gambling tendencies. However, healthy gambling is always promoted and these cases of gambling addiction are selective and entirely individualized.

There are plenty of schemes and applications that help these gamblers come out of their negative gambling tendencies. The profit donated by gaming and gambling clubs contributes to the largest quota of the total funding received by the New Zealand community. These fundings go to non-profit establishments across the country. These grants have a more substantial effect on community benefits when compared to other monetary aids.