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How Much Wealth Did Charlbi Dean Leave After Her Death?

Charlbi Dean Net Worth: Charlbi Dean is a well-known South African actress who was born on February 5, 1990. Actress and model best known for her role as Syonide in the CW comic book series Black Lightning. She has modeled for Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and other publications.

Actress Charlbi Dean Kriek, who was born in Cape Town on February 5, 1990, has passed away.

When she was six years old, she started doing child modelling, and when she was 12, she signed with Alfa Model Management.

The young actor made his name in 2018 on The CW Network’s Black Lightning, portraying the role of Syonide, an orphan who trains as an assassin.

Model-turned-actress Amanda in the Spud movies brought her widespread recognition (2010 and 2013).

Name Charlbi Dean
D.O.B. February 5, 1990
Nationality South Africa
Profession Actress
Net Worth $5 Million


What Was the Net Worth Charlbi Dean Left After Her Death?

As of this writing, Charlbi Dean’s net worth was $5 million at the time of her death. (Source: idol net worth)

Before you come to any conclusions about Charlbi Dean’s net worth, keep in mind that no one on the internet knows the true answer to this topic except the personage herself.

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What Was Her Cause of Death?

According to a Cape Town-based magazine named Capetownetc, the actress was involved in a terrible traffic accident in 2009.

The actress was gravely hurt in the accident, with damage to two vertebrae, four ribs, the wrist, elbows, and internal organs, including the lungs.

The media confirms that the traffic accident might have resulted in sequels in the actress, resulting in her death.

“She brought sensitivity and depth to her roles that a lesser performer would have lacked. She has a genuine gift, and I know her family appreciates her support. RIP”.

A reporter named Jacob Stolworthy reacted to the news by saying, “Charlbi Dean was a really nice person whose skill and kindness the world was going to discover.”

Professional makeup artist Teri Tomsett said: “Stunning and gifted young woman, rest in peace. Just having the opportunity to work with you and get to know you are a huge bonus. Many others found motivation from you “.

Relationship Status

She was engaged to model Luke Chase Volker, who proposed to her in April 2022, at the time of her death.

She and the South African model, 26, resided with their dog in her birthplace of Cape Town, and she also had homes in Hollywood Hills and New York City.

Volker and his girlfriend began dating in June 2018, and they will celebrate their three-year anniversary on June 18, 2021.

Dean’s final post before his death congratulated his wife-to-be on finishing Triangle Of Sadness, writing, “Against all odds, virtually unthinkable barriers, they pulled it off.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Charlbi Dean make every month?

After Charlbi Dean net worth, one of the most often asked and searched inquiries is Charlbi Dean’s monthly and yearly income. We calculated Charlbi Dean’s monthly earnings based on her yearly income figures.

How much did she make annually?

The most commonly asked Charlbi Dean question is how much money she can make in a year. Charlbi Dean is expected to make 738,000 ZAR each year, according to our calculations.