How Much Did Chris Rock Get Paid by Netflix for His Comedy Specials?


Chris Rock's Netflix special, “Selective Outrage,” was the first live-streaming event for the platform. Many people are curious about how much he got paid for the gig.

After taking a break from stand-up comedy for eight years, Chris Rock's “Selective Outrage” special, which aired on March 4 and was the first live event for Netflix, marked his return to the stage. He did have a deal for another special, though.


In addition to “Selective Outrage,” Rock released the 2017-recorded special “Chris Rock: Tamborine” in 2018. In the live special, there were jokes about Will Smith‘s famous Oscar slap.

Rock is famous for his style of comedy, which is edgy and socially aware. Over the years, this has won him a huge number of fans. Check out how much he makes for each of these jobs.

How Much Did Netflix Pay Chris Rock for His Comedy Specials?


Netflix is very happy about the deal with Rock. Ted Sarandos, Netflix's Chief Content Officer, said that Rock's “unparalleled talent” and Netflix's “global platform” and “creative freedom” make them a perfect match. But how much money will the comedian make?

How Much Did Chris Rock Get Paid by Netflix for His Comedy Specials

According to reports, the streaming giant paid Rock a huge $40 million for the two shows, making it a historic deal. Lisa Nishimura, VP of Original Documentaries and Comedy at Netflix, said that the partnership is one sign that the company is putting money into comedy shows.

“Netflix is becoming the best place to watch stand-up comedy because it works with top-tier talent in a wide range of styles and types of humour. This lets them share their fresh, unique, and funny voices with our members in 190 countries around the world.”

How Much is Chris Rock’s Net Worth in 2023?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Rock has an estimated net worth of about $60 million. People think he is one of the best-paid stand-up comedians in the world, especially when he is on tour. His deal with Netflix is said to be worth $40 million.

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