How Can I Spy On My Partner’s Phone?


Have you ever asked yourself and thought about “how to spy on my partner's phone?”. We know that not every relationship goes smoothly as expected. At some points, a partner could act so suspiciously that makes the other feel uncomfortable.

Of course, when in doubt, you can use some of the best tools to look for the appropriate information right out of the partner’s phone.


In this article, we’ll explain about the reasons why anyone would like to know ​​who is he talking to on facebook or spy on their partner’s phone, and the recommended tools you might need to find the answer. Let us begin.

3 Reasons To Snoop on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Before telling you about how to spy on my partner phone for free, let us first talk about what are the possible reasons for spying on someone’s phone in the first place. Here are the three common reasons to snoop on your boyfriend’s phone:


1. You feel something is wrong

At a certain point in the relationship, you can feel something is wrong. The boyfriend starts to act suspiciously by avoiding you, making suspicious calls, and tends to ignore the relationship for “something better”. This feeling leads to curiosity, and the curiosity finally leads to action. In order to find the truth, one of the ways they could do is to snoop on the partner’s phone.

2. Your boyfriend somehow makes you insecure

Sometimes, unhealthy relationships often lead to insecurity for either both parties or just one of them. This insecurity can come out at any time. However, when the boyfriend starts to show some indications of cheating, you aren’t ready to face it. So, finding out the truth by directly extracting the info from the inside might be a good idea.

3. You can’t trust yourself

Some of people tend to hold on relationships, although it’s really hurtful. Focusing on this, they tend to ignore the facts that their partners start to act suspiciously behind them. In return, they can’t finally trust themselves. And when in doubts, the best thing to do is to look for the truth by any means necessary.

Spying On Your Partner's Phone Has Never Been Easier

With the apps to monitor your partner’s phone, spying on somebody has now become much easier. Among the best apps on the market, we highly recommend using mSpy, the top-quality spying app that may work beyond what you expected.

By using this tool, you can have several features to use, including:

  • Call, messages, and social media monitoring;
  • Location tracking through GPS;
  • Geofencing;
  • Screen Recorder;
  • WiFI network tracking.

And all is complete within just one installable app. So if you want to spy on partner’s phone, better start using the best app to achieve greater results.

Other methods and apps to monitor your partner’s phone

Besides using mSpy, if you want to start spying on your partner's phone, there are also several other alternatives that you might also consider. Let us talk about them starting from the first one.


Eyezy is also considered as one of the best spying apps on the market. It works effectively to monitor any necessary information from within. It’s light, highly portable, and works discreetly.

Here are some of the best features you can gain from it:

  • Monitoring for messages, calls, and others;
  • Easy installation;
  • Works in secret;
  • Can work on both Android and iPhone devices;
  • Can easily gain remote access of these phones.

Tracking location with built-in apps

If you wish to not use any third-party apps, you can also depend on the built-in feature in most Apple devices. It’s called “Find My” app, which is mostly installed by default. You can use this app for tracking partner’s phone by knowing its real-time location.

Android users can also use Google Map to find other’s location pretty easily. As long as the devices are connected through this app, finding your boyfriend’s location will be easy.


And that’s how you can spy on your boyfriend’s phone. Seeing how many options we do have, we highly recommend using the spying apps since they work secretly in your boyfriend’s device, thus making your spying activity much less obvious. With their best features, you can finally find any necessary information that could lead you to the truth.