House of Hammer Release Date: The Dark Secrets of the Hammer Family

House of Hammer, a new three-part series chronicling physical and emotional charges against Hollywood actor Armie Hammer, is coming to Discovery Plus. In early 2021, the Social Network and Death on the Nile actor was scrutinized after charges of abuse were made against him.

Two of his purported victims can be heard discussing their alleged abuse in the trailer. Also included are allegedly disturbing voice memos and text messages containing violent sexual fantasies sent by the actor. Armie Hammer has refuted all charges that have been made against him.

The documentary also shows Casey Hammer, Armie Hammer’s aunt. Casey asserts in a video clip, “If you believe in making agreements with the devil, the Hammers are at the top of the food chain.” Every generation of my family has been implicated in nefarious activities. And it only gets worse, and worse and worse.”

House Of Hammer Release Date

The much-anticipated series House of Hammer will premiere on Discovery Plus on September 2, 2022, according to Newsweek. The release date was confirmed some time ago. The docuseries are described using terms such as hedonism, dishonesty, abuse, corruption, and addiction.

These are the terms used to define Armie Hammer and his family, and the documentary series will explain why. Before his divorce in 2020, Armie Hammer was seen as a good, regular person.

House of Hammer release date

Separation after ten long years certainly raises a few questions. Soon after the divorce was confirmed, weird claims were made against him, which caused a commotion in his life and led to a significant decline.

According to rumors, Armie Hammer spent time in a rehabilitation facility with the assistance of the famous actor Robert Downey Jr. Hammer disputed every claim made against him, but the putative victims possessed credible evidence. This will all be featured in the documentary series.

Where to Watch House of Hammer?

As previously stated, the documentary series will premiere on September 2, 2022. Discovery Plus, which is accessible on popular platforms such as Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, the Xbox, Chromecast, etc., offers to the stream House of Hammer. Discovery Plus may be viewed on iPads, iPhones, and any web browser with ease.

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The release date and official trailer for House of Hammer have been announced, and audiences will soon be able to learn more about the controversial and famed actor Armie Hammer. The documentary series will be broken into three parts and will expose the story of the claimed victims of the actor, as well as the family’s dark secrets that have been buried for some time.

About House of Hammer?

“Debauchery, deceit, abuse, addiction, and corruption” is the official synopsis for the documentary series. Five generations of men in the Hammer family have accumulated more secrets and scandals than any vault could hold. The alleged misdeeds of Armie Hammer are simply the top of the iceberg.

House of Hammer release date

“Through a treasure trove of records and interviews with family members and survivors, the dark and twisted truths of the Hammer family are revealed. Behind the wealth and power is a dysfunctional dynasty whose male characters demonstrate all of the disastrous repercussions of unbridled privilege.”

The documentary features the ex-partners of Armie Hammer, Courtney Vucekovich, and Julia Morrison, as well as his aunt, Casey Hammer, and examines some of the recent media coverage around him.

The cast of House of Hammer

Since House of Hammer is a docuseries based on actual events, there are no actors or characters featured in the cast. The series features two of Armie Hammer’s claimed victims and his aunt, who discuss their experiences with the actor and divulge facts that are unknown to the general public.

Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison are the victims. Casey Hammer, the aunt of Armie, divulges the family’s darkest secrets.

House Of Hammer Storyline

The narrative of House of Hammer will concentrate on the claims brought against Armie Hammer in 2021 and his family history. The documentary series will expose us to two claimed victims of Armie Hammer who will give their side of the tale. Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison are the two claimed victims who will discuss their interactions with the now-infamous actor.

House of Hammer release date

Along with their frightening encounters, they post screenshots of their interactions with the actor as well as purported voice recordings that describe his weird obsessions and dreams. In addition, House of Hammer shows us Armie Hammer’s family history through his aunt Casey Hammer’s words.

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The notorious actor is the grandson of Armand Hammer and the son of Michael Armand Hammer. Armand Hammer was an oil magnate who was arrested for manslaughter in the first degree. In the series, Casey Hammer reveals and verifies other grim family secrets.


Courtney and Julia Morrison, both alleged victims of Armie Hammer, were involved with the famous actor. A purported voice recording is also played, which is incredibly unsettling. Aunt Casey Hammer, who is also featured in the trailer, brands Armie a devil and shares other dark family secrets.