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“House of Cards” A premium show with outstanding name & all time popular drama available on Netflix. House of cards is based on the famous novel written by Michael Dobbs in 1989.

It consists of a total of 73 episodes till the end of season 6. It is a revenge story of a congressman Frank Underwood who is House majority whip.

The plot of the story arises from a false promise made to him that he will be the next secretariat General. The series may be sound boring initially, but after watching 3 or 4 episodes, You will be addicted to it.

This show always in the spotlight due to its criticism as well as popularity.

If you are the lovers of politics or American dramas, then you must watch the show. It is available on Netflix else you can easily download from torrent, telegram. The political drama again gets in the news due to its upcoming as well as final season 7.

There are some reports that season 6 will be the last because of the accusations on his main character but here is the good news coming from the source that House of cards season 7 contract could be renew anytime.

When is the release date of the House of card season 7?

Back in November 2017, Netflix announced that season 6 will be the finale of the series due to the controversy.

But as I said earlier, Netflix could renew House of cards season 7 anytime and given the popularity of the show, the fans are still hoping that Netflix might renew the show.

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Incase, House of cards will appear once again with the season 7, starring cast and plot could be as like as given below:

House Of Cards Season 7 Cast

The main story of the series spins around the Protagonist, Frank played by Kevin Spacey, but we will not see him. Given the controversy of sexual assault by Kevin, Spacey Netflix has shown his mysterious death.

We may also see Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, Frank’s wife. We may see other characters such as Michael Kelly as Douglas and Mara as Zoe Barnes.

House Of Cards Season 7 Plot

The entire story of the series is written around an ambitious Man Frank Underwood. The Party president promise to Frank, He will be the next secretariat of state, but He denied with their word. After that, Frank Underwood decided to take revenge by political wrongdoing in which his wife gives him full support. 

In the last season, We saw that he died, and his wife becomes the President of the United state. She is still in search of the murderer of her husband. Overall the story contains all the different qualities of a human being like greediness, arrogance, revenge, betrayal. After watching it, I assure you that you can connect with it.

Is Kevin spacey alleged for sexual assault? (controversy)

During me, too movement actress like Anthony Rapp, Roberto Cavazos, Tony Montana alleged that Kevin Spacey, the protagonist of the show has sexually assaulted them. Given the allegations, Netflix decided to remove Kevin Spacey by showing his death and saying season 6 will be the last. Due to this controversy,

house of cards

The famous Dialogue of House Of Card, you can use in real life.

There are several famous dialogues of House Of Card, and here is the list of a few which you like the most.

heart touching dialogue by the hero of the show, Frankunderwood

  • “I have zero tolerance for betrayal, which they will soon indelibly learn” (you can use the line in front of your girlfriend)
  • (Season 3, Episode 12)—-“She can go after me all she wants but if she goes after Clare I’ll slit her fucking throat in broad daylight.”
  • (Season 2, Episode 9).—-The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never regret.”( punch line among friend )
  • (Season 2, Episode 1)—-“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.”( If you are want to succeed in life by the principle of survival for the fittest )

I hope you like the above dialogue, and if I missed any of the favorite dialogue that you use regularly can then you can comment below.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How did Clair underwood get pregnant?

The pregnancy of Claire is a surprise to viewers as Frank and Claire were apart for months before he died in the White House. So, whose baby is that? Is he of Tom Yates as we have seen Claire had sex with him? No

Let me explain to you: In Episode 2 of season six, we saw Claire visits a physician named Dr. Larson. She is the same physician whom she consulted in the season one finale when she was trying to get pregnant. In season 2, we also saw Gibson telling venture that Francis had some frozen Sperm, and that’s how claire got pregnant with Frank’s baby with the help of Dr. Larson.

2. Who killed Cathy durant?

As we saw in season 5, Cathy knew too many secrets about Frank and Claire and their shady work and frank pushed her from stairs to kill her. Fortunately, she did not die there but later on killed by the assassin hired by Claire.

3. Is House of Card finished?

Is there any door open for the House of Cards season 7, or is the famous political drama permanently canceled?

Netflix official announces in the year 2017 that this is the last season o house of the card due to the Kevin spacy Mee too controversy or it might be a strategy of Netflix to detach their platform name from the controversies. There might be a chance for season 7 of House of cards due to a massive hit of all previous six seasons. But We cannot much say about the upcoming season because there is no official confirmation made by Netflix.

4. Why don’t frak and claire sleep together?

As we saw in the episodes, Frank and Claire’s relationship was not normal. They fell for each other not because of physical likings but for the powers which each other possess. They think of sex as a symbol of power. Claire and Frank do not have any problem with each other’s extramarital affair until it seems to them that power is getting out of their control.


House of cards is a conventional American drama base on politics. The storyline and the presentation of the show are superb. If we look at the success of all the six seasons of the show, then there might be a great possibility of season 7.

The last season broadcast in the year of 2018, and still, people have a craze for season 6 as well as desperately waiting for the next season. If we considered all the facts, there might be a great chance of the next season.

So are you waiting inquisitively for the upcoming season of House Of Cards? If yes, what will you like to see in next season!

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