HOTMAIL, Complete Information In 7 Easy steps…

Hi folks! Are you looking for complete information about Hotmail??? Have moved from page to page on Google and still scratching your head to know about Hotmail? Don’t worry my dear friend be with me till end and keep scrolling your curser along with me to unleash complete information about Hotmail…

About Hotmail…

In 1996, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith has designed Hotmail which provide webmail, calendar, contacts and task services to its clients. It’s the very first webmail service on the internet which support Four11’s RocketMail, i.e freedom from IPS- based email. In easy words, you can access your email in your own inbox at anytime, anywhere and from any part of the world.

From Hotmail to MSN Hotmail and then finally to Outlook…

Microsoft must have seen potential in this effective and simple to use, email services providing platform and that’s the reason they have bought it in December,1997 in $400 millions and it become a part of “Microsoft group of services” with a new name i.e. MSN Hotmail.

From 1997 to 2012, MSN Hotmail has gone through to many developments and finally it become Outlook in 2012, with advanced beta version which provide email services with greater speed, security and many advance features for general public like us.

So, basically your Hotmail is Outlook (one and same thing, only name difference).

Next time when you type Hotmail and it redirects you to Outlook URL, don’t get worry and puzzled. And this one account will work for all Microsoft services like OneDrive, MSN, Skype, and others. Isn’t its great and supper simple too..

Create Account or Sign up for Hotmail

Hotmail is quite similar as Gmail or any other email services on internet which provide you free services to create, sent and receive mails from any part of world. But the issue is now Hotmail is converted into Outlook so, old Hotmail user can use their old account. But for new Hotmail account, link will redirect you to Outlook URL where you create your email account which will work as similar as Hotmail with some advance features.

So now, moving towards step by step process of creating your account.

  • Open your internet browser in any of browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) which you are using. In web browser type and press enter. It will direct you to Outlook page to sign-up or create a new account.
  • On this new page, a link “CREATE ACCOUNT” is given on top-right side of the page. Click on “Create Account” and it will take to a new page.
  • CREATE ACOOUNT: On this new page two boxes are given under “Create Account”.
  1. USER NAME: In first text field box where “NEW EMAIL” is given, write down your preferred name, if its not available you can try an another name till it shows that your preferred name is available to create a new account on Hotmail.
  • There is a drop down button also given in the “NEW EMAIL” field, from here you can select your email address domain either or, which ever you prefer.

2. PASSWORD: After this, you click on “Create Password” text field button and type a strong password for your email account.

  • Create a strong password with a combination of alphabets and numbers.
  • Always keep remember your email user account name and password, to login next time.
  • Already a check box is given below these two text field boxes with “Send me promotional emails from Microsoft”.
  • If you don’t want to receive any promotional mails from Microsoft, please unchecked this box.
  • But, if you want to receive promotional mails just skip this step.
  1. A blue click button “NEXT” is given below the “Create Password” filed box. As you click this NEXT button it will take you to a new page.

3. FIRST & LAST NAME: This new page will ask you for your little more information required by Hotmail to setup your account i.e.       your first and last name.

  • Fill your first name in “First Name” filed box.
  • Fill your last name in “Last Name” filed box.
  • Click “Next” button to move further.

This click will take you to one more new page.

4. COUNTRY/REGION and BIRTHDATE: This page will ask you for your Country or Region and also for your date of birth.

  • Country or Region: First box have a drop down box from where you need to pick your country or region. Outlook automatically select your country for this option. But, if you want to change this option you can select as per your choice.
  • Birthday: In “birthdate” option there are three drop down fields where you need to select your birthday month, date and year, respectively.
  • After filling all the information, click on “Next” button given in blue colour just below the birthday option.

This will further take you to a new page.

5. SECURITY INFORMATION: This new page is about “Add Security Info”. Here you further need to add some of your more information so that Outlook can provide you a secure email account.

  • Country Code: In first drop-down filed you need to select your country code.
  • Mobile Number: In next field provide your personal mobile number. Please omit zero before your phone number as, you have already selected your country code.
  • Sent OTP: Under the mobile number option a button is given with “Sent OTP”, click this button and you will get an OTP on your mobile. Filled this OTP in required filled in given time so that, Hotmail get confirmation about your mobile and can associate your mobile number with your mail account.
  • Alternate Email Address: Enter an alternate email address, by which you can recover your email account.
  • Click “Next” button.

This will take you to a last page.

6. Verification Code: At the middle of this page you will see a list of distorted alphabets and numbers in a box.

  • In the text filed box “Enter the characters you see” ,you need to add these jumbled alphabets and numbers given.
  • You can click on the “NEW” button if you are unable to read the jumbled list of words.
  • You can also select “AUDIO” button which can read this list of words aloud for you.
  • After filling this last piece of information correctly click on “Next” button.

Click this last “Next” button in blue colour. It will open a new page for you.

7. In this last page you will get an Congratulation Message on the opening of your new mail account with Hotmail and Outlook to access your mail.

  • You will also receive a Congratulation and Welcome mail in your Inbox from Hotmail as your very first received mails.
  • Along with this, you will receive an another email from where you can give your final assess conformation to Hotmail about your account. But this piece of task is not mandatory. Because you are already in your Hotmail Inbox. So, you can simply skip this step.

Finally, you have created your very own Email account on Hotmail with the domain name of your choice i.e. either or

Next is, now we have an email account but how to access your mails? Lets learn it.. so please friends keep scrolling to unravel this important piece of information.

to Hotmail or

To sign-in your very own account follow the below mentioned steps.

  • From your browser go to Sign In page and select Sign In link.
  • USER ID: In Sign-In page a field is shown where you need to enter either your email address or phone number. Then press “Next” button.
  • PASSWORD: On this new page, you need to enter your “password” and click on blue button with “Sign-In” text.
  • Note:
  1. Below password you will see a check box “Keep me Sign-In”. If you want to go straight in your email inbox next time, keep it checked. It will not ask you for your password next time. You just enter your email address and you will be straight in your inbox.
  2. Uncheck it, if you want to enter your password each time. In simple words it will not save your password for next time.

And here your are in your Hotmail Inbox and free to access all your mails including all the services provided to you to do your task like craft your mail, save it in draft, delete your mails, you’re your emails, read your mails and many more…

Now the next thing is, you are done with all your mail work and want to sign-out form your Hotmail so that no body else can access your account in your absence. So, next I show you how to Sign-Out from your account? My dear folks are you ready??? Lets learn it too..

Sign Out of Hotmail or

To Sign-out from your Hotmail account, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • PROFILE PICTURE: Select your profile or account picture, which is present on top-right corner of your account screen.
  • As you will select your profile picture, a drop-down menu will open for you.
  • Keep scrolling this menu and your will find an option of Sign-Out
  • Double click on this option and your are out from your Hotmail account.

Now, as you no more in your Hotmail account so, you have no need to worry about the privacy of your Hotmail account as not its closed completely no once can access it without having your User ID and Password. So, you just relax…


I hope this piece of information has answer you all your questions regarding Hotmail, Hotmail  account creation, sign-in and sign-out from your Hotmail account. If you still have any doubts please post your queries. I would love to answer all your queries with best of my information.

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