Hot Rod Movie: Willing To Watch The Film? Know These Things First!

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” I am going to get you better and then I’m going to beat you to death!”

Hot Rod Movie

An American film Hot Rod was out in  2007 that is directed by Akiva Schaffer and composed by Pam Brady. The film stars Andy Samberg as amateur stuntman Rod Kimble, the main protagonist of the story whose stepfather was Frank, another lead role played by Ian McShane, consistently derides and disregards him.

The film additionally stars Jorma Taccone, Sissy Spacek, Will Arnett, Danny McBride, Isla Fisher, and Bill Hader. Pam Brady is the screenwriter of the film, the shooting started in 2006 in Vancouver.

Paramount Pictures released Hot Rod on August 3, 2007. It was a film industry disappointment, netting just $14 million on a $25 million spending plan.

As its makers anticipated, it got blended surveys, with pundits reprimanding the film’s content and humor. It has turned into a popular cult film on home video.

On What Story Hot Rod Movie Is Based?

This is the story of Rod Kimble, who always thought that his dead father was a stunt man. He always wanted to be like his father in the mean of job and also want the same reputation from society.

He decided to be a stuntman just like his father.

His stepfather, Frank, doesn’t regard Rod as a man, frequently making a special effort to beat him in sparring sessions and deriding his stand-in dreams. Pole makes many efforts to land bounces with his Tomos moped, a large portion of them ineffective.

One day, it is discovered that his step-dad needs an urgent heart translation and this operation is going to empty their pockets because the family insurance is not going to cover the expenses.

He becomes tense and angry at the same time… At the prospect of his stepfather, his life was hanging on a sled without getting an opportunity to acquire his regard and lose a battle to him once.

Rod runs into the forest to let out his wrath and tumbles down a precarious slope.

At the lower part of the slope, he sees a helpful bulletin and gets a thought. Pole rapidly makes a beeline for his group, letting them know he intends to get around 15 school means of bus and utilize the returns to support Frank’s medical procedure.

He additionally adds Denise, his neighbor, and love interest, to his group.

I thought the story is quite good when we talk about humanity because Rod’s step-father used to beat his dreams but still he decided to help him using his stunt technique which is a good deed.

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Star Cast of The Hot Rod Movie-

The film has a number of faces in it like Andy Samberg as Rod Kimble, Jorma Taccone as Kevin Powell, Bill Hader as Dave McLea, Danny McBride as Rico Brown, Isla Fisher as Denise Harris, and Sissy Spacek as Marie Powell.

On the other side we see, Ian McShane as Frank Powell, Will Arnett as Jonathan Ault, Chris Parnell as Barry Pasternak, Chester Tam as Richardson, and Mark Acheson as Homeless Dude.

Rest of the actor of the show is Alvin Sanders as Furious Boss, Akiva Schaffer as Derek, Britt Irvin as Cathy Fay, Brittany Tiplady as Maggie McLean, Andrew Moxham as Sullivan Tom and Queens of the Stone Age as Gown.

hot rod movie

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Hot Rod Movie- Official Teaser!

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Common Queries

Where we can watch the Hot Rod Movie?

If you are willing to watch the film, then it is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video or for free with ads on Pluto TV. And for Netflix users, it is also accessible on Netflix.

Is the Hot Rod Movie worth watching?

Hot Rod is basically a mediocre movie because the ratings are quite low for the film, which is the reason we can say that it’s not worth watching your time.  The film stands with a rating of 43% from the Metacritic6.7 out of 10 from IMDb and only 39% from Rotten Tomatoes.

What about the Parenting guide of Hot Rod?

Here are some facts that everyone parent should need to know before allowing their kid to watch the Hot Rod. The movie is full of action, drama, and thrill scenes it which is a reason of concern because sometimes kids follow the same stunts just for fun that might hurt them, so it is not advisable for the teens to watch the film.