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Hinomaru Sumo Season 2 Release Date: What Can We Expect From Season 2?

Fans are putting their all efforts to know the future of Hinomaru Sumo. Here is everything you need to know.

Hello Guys!!! You are on the right track if you are looking for some latest news regarding Hinomaru Sumo season 2. In this, we are going to cover a number of things about Season 2.

This anime is something better for anime lovers as they would love to watch everything in the anime world, whether it is love, relationships, scifiction, or yes, sports. This Sumo anime is a mix of both games plus animated fiction.

So, when can we expect to see the release of season 2? Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

What is Hinomaru Sumo About?

Would you like to recall the plot? Let’s recall for those who haven’t seen the show before. This is a story of a boy named Hinomaru. His adventure starts on the first day when he went to the high school name Ushio Joins Odachi. He went to the Sumo Club the same day.

Hinomaru Sumo Season 2 Release Date

For being a sumo one should cross a height of 5.4 feet meanwhile Hinomaru was a boy of short stature but this is not a big deal for him because he wants to be the best and practice for that too.

The story is quite good and well-illustrated that’s why it has been given 7.2 stars by the IMDb and hoping to get into hit-list anime in its next part. Fans want Sumo part second so badly even I want the same, what about you?

I know you want the anime too, that’s why you are still with us! Let’s end your curiosity about the second slice.

What About The Release Date of Hinomaru Sumo Season 2?

The very first season was aired on October 5, 2018, and was titled “National Treasure Onimaru Kinitsuna“. The season continues for twenty-four episodes which are so much good to stick you with the screens. The last episode was aired in March 2019.

It’s been years since the fans are waiting for the show but I don’t think it’s something major to be concerned about because anime usually takes more time to give a follow-up. Moreover, we could expect the series in 2022 or 2023 but not before that.

Drama Name Hinomaru Sumo
Category Drama
Release Date Confirmed
Director Kōnosuke Uda and Yasutaka Yamamoto
No. of Seasons 1

Who Will Be In the Cast of Hinomaru Sumo Season 2?

This is the most common question when somebody talks about upcoming anime or sequels. I don’t think there will be some major changes in the characters because characters are the only thing that remains constant.

Hinomaru Sumo Season 2 Release Date

Moreover, some minor changes will be expected like some new characters with some additional voice artists. When we get something fresh about this section, then we would love to update more in this section so don’t forget to bookmark us at

What Will Happen in Hinomaru Sumo Season 2?

As stated above this anime is inspired by the life of Hinomaru, who is a small-height boy, who wants to cherish his future and journey by being a Sumo but faces tons of problems. The second plot may be inspired by the same too or may be adapted from some light novel series, I am not sure about that because the creators haven’t said more about this.

Is There Any Trailer For Hinomaru Sumo Season 2?

Many of you are seeking the trailer but but but!!! there is no official teaser at this time and how could we expect the trailer when we don’t have the dates? Once the dates come on track then we will stop the train for the trailer.

Expect to see the trailer in the same month as the release date but here we have something good for you, wondering what? A fan-made teaser that is pretty good to watch to refresh your mind with old memories.


Final Words

The Hinomaru Sumo Season 2 will come back in front of us soon if the creator wants. Once the show gets a green dot, after that we could expect something more from the creators. If you are a true fan of Hinomaru, then don’t forget to bookmark us because we used to update the latest pieces of stuff in the same.

Do you have something in your mind? Willing to ask us? Go ahead, we will give you an instant answer to your query. Aspire to see the same lovely faces again in my next post💛.