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The foremost character of the story is Koichi Shido. He is a teacher but of cruel and evil nature who always wears a dark black suit and his yellow eyes look so aggressive every time he comes on the screens. Let’s talk more about this High School of the Dead Character.

Koichi Shido

Koichi usually wears a jet-black pinstripe suit on which inside he wears a yellow-colored tie with a white shirt with a thin body line. He looks like some kind of villain because of his dressing code rather than this he is a 3A’ teacher. Normally like other teachers, he is not a good one because of his cruel nature and habits.

Want to know Koichi’s family background? He is the son of Ichirou Shido. His father relates to a political framework which is the reason he relishes him so much but only when he was small. AS he grew up he understands the act of his father. His role is quite admirable when you deeply think of him. Do you think he is a bad guy? Comment Down!!

Character Erudition

  • Gender-Male
  • Eyes-Yellow
  • Hair-Black
  • Status-Alive

Voice Artist-

There are two voice artists assigned for her, Kishou Taniyama is for the original Japanese voice and  Illich Guardiola is for the English dubbed version.

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