Kohta Hirano: Gunslinger In High School of The Dead| Character Information

Kohta is a rich guy who has a gun and even learns training to use the pistol from the  American Natives. Excepting all of these qualities, he always gets insulted by the only girl he likes in his school-period. Let’s talk more about his personality.

Kohta Hirano

Hirano is one of the main figures of the story with a short personality. He is nearly sixteen-years old with the title of “real gunman” of the story because he collects a gun while traveling. You will see a significant number of guns in his hands like Knight’s SR-25 Sniper Rifle, AR-10 Rifle, and many more.

Kohta loves guns in fact he has taken training from the American inhabitant on how to use a gun because of this volume of awareness and understanding regarding the rifles and shots, he turned himself into a gunslinger and a member of Takashi’s group.

Moreover, because of his philosophy regarding the firing, he always saves himself from the Zombies in High School of the Dead.

Hirano’s Physical Information

  • Age-16
  • Gender-Male
  • Height-158 cm (5′ 2″)
  • Weight-88.8 kg (195.8 lbs)
  • Eyes-Brown
  • Hair-Black
  • Status-Alive
  • Weapons- Nail Gun, Springfield M1A1 Super Match, Armalite AR-10(T) and MP5SFK

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