Saeko Busujima- High School of The Dead| Character Information

“It made me feel good to make him suffer! After realizing I had the overwhelming upper hand with my wooden sword, his frightened movements seemed inviting… I attacked without any hesitation!” – Saeko Busujima.

Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima is a student in anime. She went to Fujimi High School where she was pursuing her third year. The girl is powerful with combat skills. Saeko belongs to some handful girl of the anime who follows the Samurai code and belongs to the generation of “guardian of Japan” rather than these two high titles, Saeko is a bit revealing and used to dress vulgarly. She is a teenage girl of age eighteen in the series.

Saeko’s personality is kind to everyone around her but with a kind heart she has a strong mentality and personality in fact these are the main qualities of the “Guardian of Japan.” Although she is tough and bold but never underestimates the other in fact she always wants the well-being of every other group member. This is about her nature, let’s talk about her mechanical styles and after that, we will talk about her voice artist.

Physical Information

  • Age-18
  • Gender-Female
  • Height-174 cm (5′ 8.5″)
  • Weight-56 kg (123 lbs)
  • Eyes-Blue
  • Hair-Purple
  • Bust-83 cm (D) (32.7″)
  • Waist-56 cm (22″)
  • Hips-86 cm (34″)
  • Status-Alive

seako busuji

Voice Artist of Saeko Busujima

There is two voice artists assigned for her, Miyuki Sawashiro is for the original Japanese voice and Taylor Hannah is for the English dubbed version.

Saeko Busujima

Want to share your favoirte dialogue of Saeko Busujima? Comment Down!! Now it’s time to end this post, stay tuned for more character of High School of The Dead.

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