Rika Minami- High School of The Dead| Dynamic Information

Sniper Girl- Rika Minami!!!

Rika Minami

Rika Minami is one of the top characters of High School of The Dead. She is a police officer in the anime. Minami is a towering elegant woman, who always wears glasses which are not normal. In the story, her glasses are known as the Ray-Ban piece. She has somehow purple hairs with a busty figure.

Her dressing sense is quite different from others because she always wears a black colored coat which is so long till her waist.

As being a police officer, Rika doesn’t have a soft heart just like the other girls have in fact she is bold with a straightforward personality. She has ample eye-catching skills and snipping abilities and skills. Rika is a friend of Shizuka for a long run and lives with her in her room.

Rika Minami

Rika Minami- Dynamic Information-

  • Gender-Female
  • Height-170 cm
  • Eyes-Red
  • Hair-Purple
  • Bust- 83 cm (D)
  • Waist-57 cm
  • Hips-88 cm
  • Status-Alive

Voice of Rika Minami-

As we know the anime is published in two diverse languages, so for Rika’s voice, there are two voice artists one for English and for Japanese. The English voice is given by Melissa Davis whereas the Japanese one is by Junko Takeuchi.

Rika Minami

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