Hi Score Girls 3 Release Date – Ultimate Guide To Know Everything About It

Anime is a new mode of entertainment among people. There are tons of people who are crazy over these amazing animations and they have seemed to have a place in our life. Plus the hype is adding more viewers to this community. Each year there are thousands of anime launches, some of them getting popular in japan and some in other parts of the world. While the remaining get flop badly or some just make only till a few seasons. Hi score girl is an anime that is in talks lately and it is only because it’s season 2.

Despite the show gaining quite a good response from the people, is it getting back for season 2? Well, we’ll find this in this article. If you are someone who has a keen interest in this anime then stay with us till the end to know everything is detailed about this anime. 

Before heading further let’s take a look at the first season of this anime. You can also skip this part if you already have an idea of it. But if you are new to this series then you must read this section. 

Hi Score Girls – What Do You Need to Know?

Hi Score Girls 3

The Japanese anime series made its first appearance back on 25 October 2010 on Television. Like every Japanese anime series, Hi score girl is also a visual animation of a manga series named Hi Score Girl (which is the same name as anime). The manga is well written by the famous writer Rensuke Oshikiri and who was also an illustrator of it. The first season of this anime is already out back in 2010 and it explains the hectic life of a gamer boy named Haruo Yaguchi.

Out of nowhere, the series was surprisingly renewed for the second installment. Last year in the year 2020, the producer came with another 9 episodes, making the whole series 24 Episodes. The boy mainly loves to play video games like every other teenager. It revolves around the daily ups and downs of his life. While playing games and indulging most of his time in that field he found a girl.

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Now, the story does end on a happy note and the people are still looking for the idea of returning it. After the end of the second series, there are rumors on the internet which say that the Hi-Score Girls 3 will be back and it will be a blockbuster but can you believe it? Do you want to know my opinion regarding it? Read the next section to know my thoughts with practical logic.

Hi Score Girls – Will There Be Season 3 of It?

Hi Score Girls 3

The manga series which is the actual adoption of this series contains 10 volumes. Till now all the 10 volumes have been used by the creators in the anime and there is nothing left to take. After the release of the second series, the producers haven’t released any statement. There is no official announcement regarding the third installment and we don’t really know if it is happening or not. 

But looking at the bright side of this series, there was something that is worth mentioning here. In the year 2019, the writer has launched a new kind of volume for the manga series which is titled as Hi-Score Girl DASH. So, now the anime makers have enough content and if they want, they can make another season. The new manga may act as a booster for the third installment and who knows we might get it very soon. If there will be any more updates regarding the third season then I’ll update this section as soon as I can.

Hi Score Girls – Is It Based on True Story?

Every time I end watching any anime or web series, the only thing I wonder is whether it is true or not? I mean we all know that the romantic and criminal story are kinda made up and fictional but what if they are true? There are tons of life based movies and many web series are inspired from it, one of the examples is Making a Murderer. Now, talking about Hi-Score Girls which revolves around the high school boy and his passion of coin-op gaming. 

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Now, if you are wondering that this is a real story then you are wrong. The Hi-Score Girls is a fiction story that somehow reflects the true culture of the 90s. But saying the story is true would be wrong but I can still termed it as the reflection of the 90s era. 

Does Akira Ono Ever Talk?

The anime series revolves around a few characters, one of them is Akira Ono. Despite her being smart and intelligent, she was quiet. Many people wonder the reason behind her silence but it is due to the demand of the plot. The plot asked for the plotline where they want Akira Ono to be quiet. While many people believe that there would be a reason behind it, there isn’t.

In the story, Haruo can read the facial expression of her and it shows their friendship beautifully. Akira Ono never really talks in the story but she can read the lip sync of the other person. 

Does Haruo End Up With Ono?

Haruo and Ono are one of the main protagonists of the Hi score Girls. In the starting, they were loved by the people as individuals. As the story moved forward, both the characters started to attract toward each other and this led people to wonder about their romantic relationship. 

At the end of season 2, both the characters happily ended up together. This greatly affected the popularity of the show and people are seen to find it a romantically beautiful series. 

So, if you are someone who loves happy endings then go for this one. 

Final words

After the end of the second season in 2019, there were merely any chances of getting back another season of Hi score girl. The ending of this anime was happy and it satisfied most of the viewers. The story doesn’t open any other page of the story but after the writer released another volume of manga, people are looking for another part. The series is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name and if the writer has released a new publication, the producers will surely take it into consideration. Now, we have to see, whether they will be season 3 or not. 

However, there is no official statement regarding it.