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Here Are 8 of the Most Popular Reddit User Facts of All Time

This is exactly what the organisers of Reddit’s subforum, R/Facts, did in 2008, when they challenged their fellow posters to come up with the most interesting facts possible.

Like in all Reddit subforums, contributions are posted and then upvoted or downvoted by other users, which helps to determine the position of the post on the sub-forum’s front page. Users can also comment on these posts, and these comments are often just as entertaining as the posts themselves.

The results have been incredible, so much so that we just had to share these eight of the most popular Reddit user facts of all time with you. Enjoy!

The $100k hole

Ever heard the phrase ‘throwing money down a black hole’? Cards against Humanity, the best-selling cards game decided to bring it to life in 2016, when they raised as much money as they could and, er, dug a very big hole with it.

With the amount reaching $100,573, they managed to hire the equipment and workers to make a pretty big impression, so to speak.

Video-gaming surgeons

If you’re having surgery and want to make sure you’re in safe hands, make sure the surgeon’s a gamer.

Eye-opening research found that doctors who play video games regularly made 37% fewer errors, performed 27% faster, and scored 42% higher in a surgical skills test.

While the study sample of 48 surgeons was small, it hints that the motor skills, eye-hand coordination and visual attention that video games strengthen also come in handy with delicate incision work.

Jeff Bezos’ fortune

$5,000 is a lot of money. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine how someone could earn that every day, whether it’s having a job that pays $1.8 million a year or getting extremely lucky on a regular basis on the best high roller casinos out there. Either way, it’s virtually impossible.

Now, imagine doing it for 530 years. Or from when Columbus discovered North America in 1492. That’s equivalent to what Jeff Bezos made in a week in 2019.

You read that right. One of the world’s richest men took home well over a billion dollars in just 12 months – or around 200,000 five-grand days.

Here’s what it boils down to: If you made $5,000 a day since 1492, you would still have made less money than Jeff Bezos did in a week in 2019.

The fart atomic bomb

Did you know that the longest fart ever was two minutes and forty seconds? That’s right, a gassy Londoner by the name of Bernard Clemmens, otherwise known as Mr Methane, let one go in 2016 that was as long as your average pop song.

But what if you somehow kept your emission going for six years and nine months? Well, according to Uber Facts (not Farts), you’d produce enough gas to make an atom bomb.


Dogs can tell the time

No, we don’t mean dogs walk around looking at clocks. Instead, they use their ultra-refined sense of smell to detect different times of day. This helps them decide whether it’s time to eat, sleep, or go for a walk, and they often get restless if their current activity doesn’t match their ‘smell time’.

It makes sense. Dogs have more than 200 million smell receptors compared to a human’s five million, giving them a sniffing superpower.

Frogs can’t vomit

Vomiting is surprisingly rare among animals. While humans, dogs, and cats can do it with ease, others simply can’t.

This leaves a problem. How do they expel toxic substances?

In the case of frogs, they simply throw up their stomachs, cleanse it of the offending item, then pop them back in. The process is known as ‘gastric eversion’, and sharks can do a version of it, too.

Animal accents

It’s easy to think that accents are a human invention, but experts have found that some animals’ voices vary by their home region, too.

According to the website Naked Scientists, some birds have regional variations, as do whales and dolphins. That’s because different populations have evolved their own way of communicating, just like humans have.

Related research has shown that killer whales even use this to detect whether a potential mate is part of their region and to avoid procreating with them to reduce the chances of inbreeding.

One shark is older than the U.S.A.

When scientist found a new way of measuring the lifespan of sharks, they perhaps weren’t expecting such incredible results when they captured an old bowhead shark off the coast of Greenland.

According to their tests, the female shark came in at just over 400 years old, making her older than the United States, and older than any other vertebrate ever recorded.

Just how many other creatures like her could be lurking around in the world’s waters is anyone’s guess…perhaps one of them will break the record one day.