Here Are Facts About “Behind the Scenes” of Stranger Things!


Even though the plot and tone of the show as a whole are close to being familiar, Stranger Things is driven by what viewers and the characters don't know, which makes things even stranger. True fans, of course, want to know everything that happens in the story and behind the scenes.

The smash hit Netflix original series is credited with bringing the 1980s back into the mainstream. It's about a group of kids and adults who find something from a Steven Spielberg sci-fi special, with a good dose of Stephen King and a hint of H.P. Lovecraft, hiding in their small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Even after surviving the scary events of the first season of Stranger Things, which took place in 1983 and aired in 2016, the group faces more and worse horrors in the two “sequels,” including puberty.


With each season, there are also more and more mysteries. This is especially true after the shocking cliffhanger at the end of Stranger Things 3 that made us scratch our heads. For everyone's enjoyment of the show's fourth (and possibly last) season, we won't say too much about what to expect, but these facts should help fans understand some of the strange things that happened on the set of this nostalgic masterpiece and elsewhere.

Bob Was Almost Killed by Will

behind the scenes facts about stranger things


The Stranger Things writers said that Will was supposed to kill Bob when he was controlled by the Mind Flayer in season 2.

The show's writers wrote on their verified Twitter account, “Crazy sh*t that almost happened #1: In Season 2, a possessed Will was going to kill Bob.” In season 2, Bob was killed by a Demogorgon, which we're kind of glad about because we don't think Will can handle much more trauma.

How Jamie Became Vecna?

behind the scenes facts about stranger things

Jamie Campbell Bower said that before he started filming as the scary, sociopathic character Vecna, he put himself in a room by himself on purpose. “I wouldn't talk to people, I guess. Before filming anything, he told Variety, “I wouldn't talk to anyone outside of the Stranger Things world for at least four days.”

“I would often do some pretty crazy things. If someone saw me walking around Atlanta at 2 a.m. talking to myself, they would know what was going on. I was just making a lot of people angry, especially Vecna.”

The mental preparation was crazy, but the physical preparation was even crazier. Jamie usually starts his day at 3 a.m., so it took him about seven and a half hours in the makeup chair to turn into Vecna.

Eddie Munson’s Improvised Lines

Joseph Quinn, who plays fan favourite Eddie Munson in season 4, made up a couple of lines for his scenes! One example is when he says, “Don't you, big boy?” to Steve after telling him to drive their stolen RV.

Eddie says, “I love you, man,” as an improvised line during the scene where he dies. You're the one crying, not us.

Joseph Quinn Actually Played Eddie's, Guitar Solo

behind the scenes facts about stranger things

Joseph is not only great at improving, but he is also a great guitarist. When his character Eddie plays “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, almost all of the guitar parts are played by Joseph himself! On July 10, 2022, a Twitter user named @strangerwriters sent out a tweet with a video of Joseph playing the song in real life. Rock on, Eddie!

Having Forgotten Will's Birthday

Will's birthday was actually forgotten by the show's writers! After fans noticed that Will's family and friends forgot his birthday during season 4, which was set as March 22 in season 2, the Duffer brothers said it was actually the writers who forgot.

Matt told Variety, “The honest answer is that, just like the characters on the show, we also forgot Will's birthday.” “So now the question is whether we should change Will's birthday or just let it be sad.”

Noah Schnapp Dislikes the Bowl Cut

behind the scenes facts about stranger things

Noah Schnapp has asked the writers for years to change Will Byers's trademark bowl cut, but they haven't listened. For season 5, I hope he'll get a new look.

It Cost $30 Million for Each Episode

According to the Wall Street Journal, each episode of season 4 costs $30 million. That beat the record for cost-per-episode, which had been held by Game of Thrones with $15 million per episode for the last two seasons.

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