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Headcount movie is based on Supernatural thriller and it is directed by Elle Callahan and screenplay by Michael Nader. This movie came out on 24 September 2018, which is about 1 hour 33 minutes long in length. The Cinematography is done by  Sean Bagley 

What is Hisji?

Hisji is the name of the monster in the movie. It is a vengeful spirit and shapeshifter from the movie HeadCount. His purpose was to fulfill his deadly ritual and also is the cause of deaths in the movie.

How do you summon Hisji?

Hisji turns out to be a spell that calls a shapeshifting being that can be summoned by repeating its name five times. The friends in the movie laughed listening to “Hisji story” considering it to be too mysterious to be interesting.


Head Count

Story is about a group of teenagers who unknowingly call supernatural beings on their weekend trip to Joshua Tree desert. These supernatural beings are called shape shifters. Shape shifters are monsters that can mimic other humans and take their looks and appearances.

In the movie, These monsters mimic and shape shifts the teenagers and divide them into 5 member groups to complete their deadly ritual.

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Head Count

Headcount is the debut movie of director Elle Callahan to bring the horror web into life. The movie begins with Evan revisiting his brother Payton in Joshua Tree. They went hiking and there they found a group of friends out for a party. One of the members of the group, Zoe, likes Evan. so she invites him to the party in their house. Evan agreed and left his brother behind.

As they all stay for night and talk about horror and scary stories. All of them tell one story each but Evan doesn’t know any. So he was told to check a website and read one. So he founds a story of a shape shifter named Hisji. He comes when his name is spoken 5 times. The crew takes it as a joke and summons him taking his name 5 times resulting in the shape shifter arriving and joining them.

Story continues where hisji takes different shapes of different friends and divides them into groups to fulfill his deadly ritual. 

Problem with this movie was that the supernatural being was not shown to be that scary or horror to upbring the 90 minute movie. Headcount had a very good storyline and base but the execution was a problem with it which didn’t make it that effective horror for the audience to watch and love.


Head Count

  Issac Jay                                                            as Evan
  Jay Lee as Evan’s Friend No.1
Ashleigh Morghan as Zoe
Bevin Bru as Camille
A.J. Helfet as Evan’s Friend #2 
Billy Meade as Max
Hunter Peterson as Nico
Catherine Tapling as Evan’s Friend #4
Chelcie May as Vanessa
Tory Freeth as Tori
Michael Alan Herman as Sam 
Amaka Obiechie as Haley
Sam Marra as Bryan
Cooper Rowe as Peyton


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Headcount – Official Trailer

We have mentioned the official trailer of Headcount, watch it and treasure your recollections with us.

Where We Can Stream Headcount ?


If you want to watch a Headcount movie then you can simply watch it on Amazon Prime, rather than this, I don’t think there are such good platforms to stream the movie.

Head Count, Ratings 2018 film

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