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The Rig Season 2 Release Date: Does the Show Get Renewed for Another Season?

The Rig’s thrilling story unfolds across a Scottish offshore platform and draws everyone into the mysterious universe of 2022’s best thriller series. Chaos breaks out as the individuals are enveloped in a mysterious fog and supernatural powers take center stage.

David Macpherson’s series for Amazon Prime caused a stir on the service, and its success has us waiting with bated breath for more from the Kinloch Bravo crew. When will the second season of The Rig be released? Who may return in the second season? These are some of the questions that fans want to know.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date Speculation

With production on season two now underway, fans are anticipating a premiere in 2024. The second season will begin filming in June 2023, according to Emily Hampshire, who plays Rose. Due to the complex nature of the production, we can probably expect season two to premiere in the middle of 2024.

The Rig Season 1 Ending explained

The first season of The Rig ended on a shocking note, with the whole crew of the oil rig Kinlock Bravo being taken by helicopter, along with their boss Coake (Mark Addy), to an unknown location.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date

The prospects for those on land were bleak, while they just escaped a massive wave that crashed onto the rig. Kacey, Cat’s wife, was shown in the final scene coping with an earthquake on the coast while staring fixedly at an oncoming tsunami.

There are a lot of questions left unresolved. What happens to Baz (Calvin Demba), why the Ancestor even exists, and how we may stop the end of the world are all on the line. In the upcoming season, there will be plenty of room to experiment on the canvas.

What can we expect from The Rig Season 2?

The Rig Season 2 Storyline Revealed Prime Video teases some details about the upcoming season’s plot. The following season will take the Kinloch Bravo squad to unfamiliar territory, where they will face new dangers and discover exciting new opportunities.

The team deals with the emotional fallout and physical repercussions of season one as they navigate the machinations and conflicts that churn beneath the surface of the world’s oceans. The upcoming episodes will weave a spectacular global narrative, promising an immense tapestry.

The show’s creative mind, David Macpherson, sums up his goals for the upcoming season. Series 2 “offers a window into our story” that “resonates universally while originating in Scotland,” he says. An enlarged plot will be brought to life by the outstanding cast, revealing even more surprises and chills.

The Rig’s development never ceases to amaze and enchant thanks to the show’s dedication to its own original story and cast of characters.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 Cast of The Rig Season 2

Season 2 of The Rig features the same captivating cast as season 1. Many of the original cast members return, including fan favorites Martin Compston and Iain Glen. While the fate of the people on the mainland is uncertain, the rig’s crew survived the season finale and are ready to take on new challenges.

  • Lars Hutton is played by Owen Teale.
  • David Coake is played by Mark Addy.
  • Heather Shaw is played by Molly Vevers.
  • Easter Ayodeji is played by Abraham Popoola.
  • Colin Murchison is played by Stuart McQuarrie.
  • Magnus MacMillan is played by Iain Glen.
  • Fulmer Hamilton is played by Martin Compston.
  • Rose is played by Emily Hampshire.
  • Cat Braithwaite is played by Mason Rochenda Sandall.

Is There a Trailer for Season 2 of The Rig?

Even though Season 2 is still in development, we have yet to see a trailer. It is widely believed, however, that a trailer or teaser will become available in the first few months of 2024.

While production on The Rig Season 2 begins in Scotland later in 2023, fans still have to wait for a trailer. However, Till then, you can watch and enjoy the trailer of previous season here:

Season Two of The Rig: Where to watch It?

Season 2 of The Rig is now available to stream in the United States and the United Kingdom on Amazon Prime Video. To fully immerse oneself in the universe of The Rig, an Amazon Prime membership is required for uninterrupted streaming of the upcoming season.

How Many Episodes Are There in The Rig Season 2?

Season 2 of The Rig will likely consist of between six and eight episodes, though this information has yet to be confirmed.

Following the pattern established by the first season’s six episodes, it is likely that this trend will continue into the second. Although large variations in total episode count are unlikely, a safe wager is within the range of six to eight episodes.

Final Words

Overall, it seems like season 2 of The Rig will be a compelling continuation, with intriguing mysteries and worldly themes. Fans are excited for the upcoming adventure as the stage has been set for a more daring plot and unexpected difficulties. However, there is no set release date for The Rig Season 2.

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