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HBO Max Launching in Turkey – Success or Failure?

According to a recent press release, HBO Max is coming to Turkey. This is part of the company’s expansion plans for 2022, which include 21 new countries in Europe. This follows the recent wave of expansions at the end of 2021, which included Sweden, Spain, and Denmark, among others. In the following sections, we’ll cover all the details of HBO’s plans to expand to Turkey and how movie lovers can benefit from this.

Will HBO Max Be Expensive?

One of the main concerns is, without a doubt, the price of the new service. The most expensive streaming service in Turkey is Netflix. In the United States, HBO Max is priced at $14.99 per month and only $0.99 more expensive than Netflix.

This may seem quite costly, although there is no clear pricing policy as of now. But, there is some good news for movie lovers. In 2021, more and more people used promo codes, according to experts, to obtain discounted offers for streaming services.

One notable example is HBO Max’s launch in Denmark. If the company follows the same path, Turkish citizens will be likely to use the streaming service at a discounted price. For instance, new subscribers are able to use up to 35% off promo codes for HBO Max subscriptions in Denmark. Thus, it will be no surprise if HBO Max’s pricing policy will come with a high fee, but new subscribers will be able to enjoy promotional offers.

Will HBO Max Be Successful in Turkey?

HBO Max is relatively faring well among its competitors. Many subscribers appreciate its content that sums up to about 10,000 hours of old, new, and original productions. Some of the most iconic shows available via HBO Max include “Friends,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Rick and Morty,” and “Game of Thrones,” among others.

Also, HBO Max is part of the so-called “Project Popcorn.” In 2021, many new productions had to be postponed due to the pandemic, especially as the cinemas were closed. Project Popcorn was an initiative planned by WarnerMedia, which decided to release all the new content directly on HBO Max. New movies are never released on streaming services at the same time they appear in the cinema since this would cripple the revenues coming from ticket sales.

However, Project Popcorn turned HBO Max from a relatively new entrant on the streaming market into one of the best streamers in 2021, ending the year with about 73.8 million subscribers all over the world and 11 million being added in 2021 alone. Also, HBO Max was the most downloaded mobile phone app last year in the United States.

This puts HBO Max above its competition as no other streaming service allows you to enjoy all the new movies in the comfort of your home.

Will HBO Max Be Better Than Netflix?

If you are already watching Netflix in Turkey – or anywhere else in the world – you perhaps know that one of the biggest drawbacks is that some of your favorite shows or movies have been taken down from the platform as their licenses expire. HBO Max will differ massively in this perspective because, unlike Netflix, HBO and WarnerMedia own all the content, so they don’t use temporary licenses to provide you with a steady stream of shows and movies.

The huge content in WarnerMedia’s library that it acquired over 100 years on the market will perhaps highlight HBO Max as a worthwhile streaming service for many individuals. However, this massive archive of content is a double-edged sword.

The company may decide to rotate the content on HBO Max, as there is no service that allows you full access to all the WarnerMedia shows and movies. Also, the growth of the library may also be limited as many content production companies are now investing in their own streaming services to avoid splitting the money with third-party companies like Netflix or HBO.


HBO Max was a big hit in 2021, managing to add more than 11 million subscribers thanks to its initiative to release the new productions straight on HBO Max. In Turkey, there is no exact date as of now when the service is available, and the pricing policy has yet to be announced. However, it is extremely likely that new subscribers will benefit from discounts and offers when joining the platform. Websites like Promocodius will help you access all the available codes from only one place as soon as they are available, so you can benefit from discounted streaming services and many other products.